Guide to is our 24/7 live remote tutoring option for students across the curriculum. Services connect students to a live tutor who will work with them to develop understanding and skill in content the student presents. Services are free and accessible through the main Blackboard page. Once students log into Blackboard, they should click Tools, then click on the icon to access.

This video provides an overview of services:

Key features for students:

  • All students have a minimum of 10 free hours of live online tutoring support per semester; additional hours will be provided as needed
  • Support areas cover almost all content across the curriculum and range from 1000 level core classes to upper level material
  • Writing support is provided in two ways:
    • live writing support - this includes specialty support for students who are Multi language learners 
    • review of written work - a complete review based on student's questions and a rubric for improvement is provided within 12 -24 hours of submitted work