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     The Office of Sponsored Programs has compiled a list of funding opportunities from New Jersey state agencies. The list will be updated periodically as new funding opportunities are announced. Please click here to view the list.

   WPUNJ's Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is ready to help you obtain external funding that could move you toward a WPUNJ-related personal or professional goal, get a new course or program started, accelerate your research, expand or initiate a new community service or outreach activity. We can provide assistance during all steps leading from your initial idea to beginning work on your funded project.

     The first- and possibly the hardest- steps anyone interested in obtaining external support must take are getting to know what agencies are interested in what you are interested in, and then learning what they are willing to fund. Through the Funding Opportunities Newsletter we compile and provide timely information on funding agencies and opportunities to help you to take these crucial steps. A Funding Opportunities Newsletter is compiled using announcements that have been received directly from funding agencies and subscription services, printed program announcements and newsletters, information developed by the OSP, and information that is forwarded to us by other faculty who subscribe to the Funding Opportunities Newsletter.

     We organize the contents of the Funding Opportunities Newsletter based around broad disciplinary groups. We select only information that would be of interest to the subscribers for that group. For instance, for our Health Funding Opportunities Newsletter, we would not include information on stem cell research unless one of the subscribers was interested. We also include information on more than one list, so that a fellowship opportunity in the arts would be included in both the Fellowship Funding Opportunities Newsletter and the Arts & Communication Funding Opportunities Newsletter. Now, that the Funding Opportunities Newsletters are web-linked you will receive a newsletter with direct links to funding opportunities for all disciplines, and with one click you will be taken directly to the funding opportunity. However, you will still need to inform us that you are interested in receiving a Funding Opportunities Newsletter and in which discipline(s).

     If you are interested in receiving a Funding Opportunities Newsletter, please send an email to the OSP ( or You should begin receiving your Funding Opportunities Newsletter in about a week. Please call Martin Williams, Director, (973-720-2852), if you have any questions.

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