Post-Trip Workshops



September 2014


Workshop 1:  GPA Experience and Outcomes

          • Post-trip reflection session.
          • Post-trip survey, and post-“My Cultural Awareness Profile” survey.
          • Self-Assessment of Korean Language Proficiency, post-survey.
          • Discussion of outcomes and deliverables:
            - Sharing journals written as blogs
                          - Sharing of movie clips that will be posted on the YouTube channel
                          - Lesson plan topics
                        - Outline of primer
                        - Paper/poster topics for the 2015 WPUNJ Annual “Teaching Asia Conference”
                        - Presentation topics for schools
                        - Pool resources for exploring web-based linkages with schools in Korea
                        - Developing web resources for learning communities
          • Pre-service teachers enroll in coursework and begin practicum.
          • External evaluation of the GPA process begins at WPUNJ.
          • Workshop 2: Developing Educational Technology Skills

                      • Mapping out the trip experience in Google Earth and Google Maps. This activity will be incorporated into a lesson plan.
                      • How to upload video clips to YouTube
                      • How to make web-based resources.

November 2014


Workshop 3: Preparing Primer and Internationalizing Curriculum

  • Presentation of individual lesson plans.
  • Presentation of the YouTube channel regarding teaching Korea that can be incorporated into lesson plans.
  • Discussion of strategies for long-term linkages with East Asia/Korean community.

December 2014


Workshop 4: Deliverables and Establishing Linkages

  • Dynamic and Globalizing Korea: A Primer for Teaching in US Schools”- A preliminary draft of the primer will be completed.
  • Submission of papers/posters to Teaching Asia Conference committee.
  • Visits by East Asia/Korea community organization representatives.
  • Participants expected to have completed formal presentation at a New Jersey school based on their experience in South Korea.

March 2015

  • Presentation at the WPUNJ Teaching Asia Conference