Hunziker Black Box Theatre

Hunziker Black Box Theatre is a 75 - 90 seat flexible experimental theatre/studio space best suited to small theatre pieces and readings. The facility contains no fixed stage or seating and must be configured to meet the requirements of each production. Typical seating configurations include ¾ thrust, round (arena style) and auditorium style. HBBT works best as a theatre space for small productions, one-act plays, readings and other intimate events.

The space contains two dressing rooms, a green room and a small light and sound booth. There are no rest rooms backstage. Lighting consists of a standard 4’ x 4’ grid system with ETC control and adequate lighting inventory for most events. The sound system is minimal and geared to playback rather than sound reinforcement. A small stock of standard platforms and black flats are available.

See our technical specifications and drawings for further details.

Hunziker Black Box Theatre is located at the north end of Hunziker Hall on campus. On our campus map Hunziker Hall is Building Eight.

For rental information, contact Al Schaefer at 973-720-2384 or click here to email.