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Registration is limited to six credits or two courses in any one part of term or twelve credits or four courses, whichever is greater, across all terms of the summer session. Students registering for Summer 2024 are requested to adhere to the Registration Timetable.

Registration Procedures for Summer 2024

A priority registration period has been scheduled for current WPUNJ students who wish to register for Summer courses.

• Continuing WPUNJ students may begin registration on October 18.

• Visiting students from other institutions may begin registration on November 1.

Registration for Summer 2024 will be conducted through WPConnect. Summer sessions will be one term with multiple parts of the term to allow students greater flexibility in scheduling their courses. There are 11 different scheduling options available to students based on the dates that courses begin as well as the length of the session. Once registration is complete, students can review and pay their bill before the due date by going to the Bill Payment section and click on Bill and Payment. 

Please note that e-bills are sent electronically to the students' WPUNJ email account.  The University does not mail paper bills.  Payment due dates are based on the date on which you enrolled.  The payment due dates are listed in the calendar chart on the Summer Sessions homepage.

If you have any questions regarding visiting student enrollment, please contact:

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions


Students should use WPconnect to complete the drop process to drop a course.  In order to drop all of the courses in which they are enrolled, including the last course in which they are enrolled, students will need to send an email from their William Paterson University e-mail account to  These drops will be processed based upon the day and time that they were sent.  This is the ONLY way that students can drop all of their courses for Summer Session. 

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