SBDC Programs


Fast Track Business Start Up

1) Are you an Entrepreneur?                                                                            Fee: $20

Are you ready to start a business? Learn what steps you need to take and what to look out for.  The business startup seminar helps you to know how to discover your personal strengths and weaknesses and to understand your business needs. This seminar provides the entrepreneur with tools, reference materials, and additional sources for information on starting a business.

Dates: Monday(s) 

Time:  11:00 AM 

Location: Webinars

2) Basics to a Business Plan                                                                                    Fee: $20

A business plan is the key tool for all phases of a business from startup to expansion. The components of a business plan are executive summary, cover letter, organization plan, financial and supporting documents which are all necessary for obtaining SBA loans or loans from venture capitalists and angel investors.  This seminar entails the preparation of a sound and detailed business plan which is necessary for managing a business more effectively.

Dates:  Tuesday(s) 

Time:  11:00 AM

Location: Webinars

3) Strategic Marketing Planning                                                                           Fee: $20

In this course you will learn how to produce the most important mapping tool for your business: The Marketing Plan. It offers an overview of marketing strategies, a review of traditional and digital media; how to create a marketing budget and measure results.   Who this class is for: This course is for entrepreneurs who plan to launch their business and want to learn the basic principles of marketing in today’s world.

Date:  Thursday(s) 

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Webinars

 4) Finance Essentials for Small Business                                                          Fee: $20

Manage your small business successfully with these finance essentials from accounting professors, who explain the five reasons so many small businesses fail and outline strategies—such as tracking your accounting, managing your operating cycle, and forecasting cash flow—that will help you manage your small business better. They also provide valuable perspective on pricing strategies and the dangers of fast growth.

Date:  TBA

Time: 11:00 A.M

Location: TBA

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