Refund Policy and Withdrawal from Housing

Important Refund Information

Cancellation of the housing contract by the student occupant must be submitted in writing, either by completion of the Housing Withdrawal Form or email from the student's WPUNJ email account, to the Residence Life Central Office - Upon cancellation of this contract by the student occupant, the student occupant will forfeit his/her entire room application/damage fee, and will be subject to the refund policy as stated below. Refunds of room rent are applied to student's account for room rent paid. Students who are financial aid recipients are subject to federal government guidelines regarding refunds. Students are required to vacate University housing after cancellation or Academic Dismissal/enrollment dropped for unpaid student account balances, and cease using the meal plan associated with the housing assignment.  Students will be held liable for room and meal plan/Pioneer Express charges incurred beyond his or her last date of attendance. The date the Department of Residence Life receives written notice of cancellation is the official cancellation date, or the date of final Judicial outcome is the cancellation date.

Housing Refund Schedule

If the housing cancellation date is by January 21, 2020, the last business day prior to the semester's official move-in day, the occupant is entitled to a refund of room charges equal to 100% of the room charged billed.  If a student has any personal belongings in their previous assignment, all personal belongings must be removed and check out paperwork completed by the date listed above in order to qualify for the 100% refund.   

If the cancellation date is after the semester move-in date but before or on January 31, 2020, the student occupant is entitled to a refund of room charges equal to 90% of the room charge billed, provided the room is vacated on the date of cancellation. Resident students who have a room assigned, and do not move into the assignment, may be charged a 10% cancellation fee for late notification after the residence halls open for the semester.

If the housing cancellation date is between February 1, 2020 and February 27, 2020, the student occupant is entitled to a refund of room charge equal to 50% of the room charge billed, provided the room is vacated on the date of cancellation.

If the cancellation date is after February 27, 2020, the student occupant is not entitled to any refund of the room charges and will be billed for the semester charges.

If a student is academically dismissed from the University, the student must withdraw from housing in writing to the Department of Residence Life, and the same refund schedule will apply.

Official Withdrawal from Housing

A student must officially submit a withdrawal from the residence halls to the Central Residence Life Office to cancel the housing contract. You can print the Withdrawal Form here, and submit a signed copy to the lower level of White Hall. If you are unable to access the form, an alternative would be to e-mail the Residence Life Office,, from your WPUNJ e-mail account, and state your date of cancellation, full name, student 855 ID Number, and reason for cancellation. If housing cancellation is during a semester, students are expected to remove his/her personal items from the assignment within 48 hours of the signed withdrawal; or in the case of a withdrawal between fall and spring semesters, items must be removed from the room the Friday before the re-opening of the residence halls for spring semester. If items are not removed prior to our Residence Hall spring Opening, a cancellation fee of 10% of room rent will be charged.

Our posted housing refund policy applies to all cancellations. Cancellations occurring during a semester are subject to inspection of the vacated room for any damages.

Refunds of meal plans/Pioneer Express funds are handled by Hospitality Services.  For more information about meal plan refunds, call 973-720-2671, or visit their website here.