Residence Life FAQ

Housing Applications

  1. How do I apply for housing?
  2. What are the costs for room and meals for the year?
  3. How are housing assignments made for the fall term?
  4. Can I request to live in a specific residence hall?
  5. Can I request a specific roommate?
  6. When do I hear about my assignment?

Housing and Room Options

  1. How does Residence Life decide who will be roommates?
  2. What chance do I have of getting a single?
  3. Can I be assigned to an apartment?
  4. What is provided by the University in each room?
  5. What other services does Residence Life provide in the halls?
  6. Do the residence halls have air conditioning?
  7. Can I smoke in my room?

Meal Service

  1. Do I have to select a meal plan?
  2. How does the meal service work?
  3. What is Hospitality Services?
  4. Can I change the original meal plan choice I wrote on my contract?

Safety and Security

  1. How safe are the residence halls and campus?
  2. Can my friends stay overnight if they visit me?
  3. I understand that I need to have my William Paterson ID with me all the time – why?

Life On Campus

  1. Can I bring a car to campus?
  2. What will my mailing address be?
  3. What happens on move-in day?
  4. What happens if I move into my room and my roommate and I don’t get along?
  5. Is storage available in the buildings for extra items like bicycles and suitcases?
  6. Are the residence halls/apartments open during the holidays?
Housing Applications

How do I apply for housing? Interested students can request a housing contract and information on our Residence Life web page by clicking on How to Applying for Housing. Follow the directions to complete your housing contract on line. Accept the conditons of the contract, and click the submit button. A copy of your contract will be sent to your WPUNJ e-mail account and our office. You are required pay a $150.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve a room on campus. If the deposit is not paid, the contract will be cancelled.

What are the costs for room and meals for the year? The University has set charges that can change yearly. We ask that you look at the University web page for current pricing. Go to Student Accounts for rates. In addition to room and meals, there is a $40.00 RESNET fee per semester, which covers costs for the Internet and TV service in the residence halls.

How are housing assignments made for the fall term? Residence Life assigns new freshmen with other freshmen for the first semester. New freshmen cannot request to live with an upper class student, as we encourage all new students to connect with their peer classmates. If you and another freshman student you know would like to be roommates, you both will need to request each other by name and ID # on your housing contracts. Requests that are not mutual cannot be considered. Requests of this kind need to be made as early as possible and no later than July 15th for consideration.

Students who do not have specific roommate requests are assigned by the Residence Life staff. Available for the fall term only, you can also use our roommate matching service RoomSync.The link to this Facebook app is on our Residence Life web page Applying for Housing. There is no guarantee the match will be perfect; however, we consider assignments by academic major, music preferences, and lifestyles that you have shared with us. If you do not complete the roommate survey or participate in the roommate service, then you are randomly assigned.

Can I request to live in a specific residence hall? Residence Life does not guarantee requests for buildings. Seven of our residences, Heritage, Pioneer, High Mountain West, Century Hillside, Overlook North and White Halls are reserved for upper class students only. Freshmen residences are Overlook South Matelson and High Mountain East.

Can I request a specific roommate? You can request a friend to be a roommate; however, the request must be mutual, and you both must make the request formally on the housing contract in the space indicated. If you are enrolled in the Honors College program, you will be considered first for assignment to the High Mountain East community.

When do I hear about my housing assignment? For the fall semester, information about your assignment and the move-in instructions are emailed to new students during the first two weeks of August. We provide your roommate’s William Paterson University e-mail address so that you can establish contact with your roommate prior to getting to campus. Students also use social media sites – however, we caution students on the use of these sites, and ask that you not prejudge a person based on information obtained through personal profiles. Making contact with your new roommate yourself is the best way to establish a dialogue, and you may find things in common you did not see on the web. For the spring semester, new residents will receive their e-mailed assignment and move-in information in late December or early January. 

Housing and Room Options

How does Residence Life decide who will be roommates? Almost 50% of our students request their specific roommates either through our RoomSync, our roommate matching application through Facebook, or find a roommate at spring and summer college hosted events. Residence Life pulls together all applicants and requests for roommates and assignments are completed by the end of July. Our office does consider room change requests from students after a short 2 week waiting period following move-in. 

What chance do I have of getting a single room? We have very few single rooms on campus. Many of our single rooms are awarded to students presenting a strong medical need that is documented by a doctor or official organization. All requests are reviewed with the Office of Disability Services and the Health and Wellness Center. We encourage students seeking special medical accommodations while living on campus to contact these offices first before asking Residence Life to assign a single. Single rooms not given to those with a medical need are offered through a lottery process to the general resident population during Room Selection in the spring.

Can I be assigned to an apartment? Our apartments on campus, Heritage and Pioneer Halls, are for upper-class students only. New transfer students may request to live there, and will be assigned if there is availability. Students must have obtained junior class status (58 credits), and be at least age 20 by October 15th of the academic year.

What is provided by the University in each room? Each residence hall room is furnished with a bed, wardrobe (including drawers), desk, chair, and window treatments. The rooms are not carpeted. Students often bring small area rugs. All beds are extra long, and require the larger size linens. We do not allow extra furniture in your rooms, except for the following items: small bookshelves (no taller than 3 ft), two-drawer metal file cabinet, blow up chair/mattress, and standard size drafting board tables, if required by your major.

What other services does Residence Life provide in the halls? Our residence halls are overseen by live-in, professional hall administrators (Resident Directors) and student Resident Assistants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residents can contact these individuals for information, concerns, or emergencies.

All residence halls have laundry facilities that are free to residents. Students can place requests for repairs in their room/bathroom through their hall offices. The offices are open 7 days a week (limited hours on the weekends) for students to come in and ask questions. Mail is delivered to the residence halls, and distributed to hall mailboxes by the personnel working in the offices.

Network and Hardware Services provides support to students with setting up their computers at the start of the year, and continues to be available to troubleshoot any problems they may face later on. You can read more about their services and computer requirements to connect to our University Network on the web page. Go to Enrolled Students, Communication and Electronic Services, ResNet Access. For information on the TV service available to all residents, go to 

Do the residence halls have air conditioning? All our facilities are air conditioned. The University turns on the air conditioning around May 15th, and turns it off in early October. Students may bring fans to regulate the room temperature at other times. The heat is turned on October 15th, and is on through early April. Space heaters are not permitted.

Can I smoke cigarettes in my room? All of the residence halls are smoke-free communities.

Meal Service

Do I have to select a meal plan? All students living in communities on the lower campus (High Mountain East & West, Hillside, Century, Overlook North and South, Matelson and White) must be on a meal plan. Select a meal plan on your Residence Life Facilities Contract. Students in the apartments (Heritage & Pioneer) have the option to be off the meal plan since the apartments have kitchens in each shared unit.

How does the meal plan work? Students can choose a variety of meal plans to best suit their eating needs. There are 19 meals served in a week (3 per day M-F and 2 each, brunch and dinner, on the weekend). Students can choose this full 19-meal plan or lesser versions of this in the 15 and 10 meal plans. The second type allows a student the choice of meals and cash (debit value) that can be used in the bookstore, off campus restaurants, and other stores near our campus. Students can also have a basic meal plan and add money to their Pioneer Express card to use at vendors off campus and our bookstore.

What is Hospitality Services? Hospitality Services is the department that oversees food services, the University Commons food court, and the Pioneer Express account. This office administers the University’s one card program that allows a student to use the same photo ID for meals, residence hall access, vending machines, and Pioneer Express debit accounts. More information is on their web page – go to Campus Life, Dining Services.

Can I change the original meal plan I wrote on my contract? Students can request a change to their meal plan by contacting Hospitality Services at 973-720-2672.

Safety and Security

How safe are the residence halls? Residence hall reception desks are staffed 24 hours a day by university personnel (a combination of student staff and a guard service). Residents must present their valid William Paterson ID to the guard to gain entry to their buildings. Non-resident WPU students and other guests of our resident students must be signed in at the desk as visitors. All residents must stay with their guest while the guest is are in the residence hall. Our Residence Life Handbook details the specific hours of visitation and the policies regarding visitors.

Can my friends stay overnight if they visit the campus? Overnight visitors are allowed in the residence halls. Please refer to the Visitation Policy as outlined in the Residence Life Handbook. The handbok can be found on our web page.

I understand that I need to have my William Paterson ID with me all the time. Why? Adults should always carry ID with them. On campus, the University ID is needed to enter the residence halls, eat in the dining hall or food court, access your Pioneer Express dollars, borrow books at the library, and utilize some other services and functions sponsored by the University. Some residence halls use the ID card to unlock your room door. Your photo ID is to be presented when asked for by University Police and Residence Life staff.

Life On Campus

Can I bring a car to campus?  All resident students are alowed to park cars in University parking lots, but must apply for a resident student parking permit from the Public Safety Office, which will then permit the car to remain in the lot overnight. Currently, resident student parking for those on the lower campus is allowed only in Lot # 6. Apartment residents can park in the lot near their building or in parking lot #2.

What will my mailing address be? Mailing addresses for each building are different in that there is a PO Box specific to each area. Once you are assigned to your building, you can verify the correct address. Packages sent via USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and DRL should be addressed to the student, William Paterson University, 300 Pompton Road, Wayne, NJ, 07470.

"Mail should be addressed as follows:

Overlook North or South
P.O. Box 944
Wayne, NJ 07474-0944

Matelson Hall
P.O. Box 922
Wayne, NJ 07474-0922

High Mtn East or West
P.O. Box 939
Wayne, NJ 07474-0939

White Hall
P.O. Box 940
Wayne, NJ 07474-0940

Pioneer or Heritage Halls
P.O. Box 888
Wayne, NJ 07474-0888

Hillside Hall
P.O. Box 921
Wayne, NJ 07474-0921

Century Hall
P.O. Box 923
Wayne, NJ 07474-0923

What happens on move-in day? You will receive complete instructions from Residence Life regarding move-in day when you receive your assignment letter. Move-in day can be busy with all students moving into their rooms. We will offer some suggestions about packing and getting your personal items unloaded and into your new home.

What happens if I move into my room and my roommate and I don’t get along? We ask that you give the relationship time before you rush to ask to move. Residence Life needs to verify who has checked into their assignments. This can take time, so we have a freeze on room change requests for two weeks after our opening day. Resident Assistants can help mediate differences between roommates. Roommate/Suitemate Agreement tools are used to assist with clarifying issues for both parties. Mutual swaps with another student are the easiest for us to allow – you and your suitemate decide to switch within the suite. Please ask your RD for permission to do the swap. No student is to switch on their own without Residence Life approval. The change will be considered invalid, and possibly reversed back to the original assignment.

Is storage available in the buildings for extra items like bicycles and suitcases? Our buildings do not have extra storage areas for personal items. Everything must be stored somewhere in your room. If possible, let your family take back home suitcases and storage containers after they have been unpacked.

Are the residence halls/apartments open during the holidays? The residence halls are closed during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a winter break period that extends into January, and a spring break in March. We are open during the Easter/Passover holiday. If you need our residence halls opening and closing dates in advance for travel arrangements, please call the Residence Life Central Office at 973-720-2714.