Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Do I have to attend Orientation?

We have found that most students who do not attend either the First Year Overnight or Transfer Programs often struggle upon entering the University. The programs are tailored to meet a variety of needs and answer many questions you may have. Even those students who transfer in with a variety of credits find the programs enlightening and helpful to their transition. For this reason, we have made them mandatory.


What is my 855 number and where is it found?

Your 855 number is your William Paterson University identification number and is found at the top of the invitation letter sent home about the orientation program. We have stopped using your social security number as a means to identify you after you are admitted.


Do I have to stay overnight for the first year student program?

While we strongly encourage students to stay overnight to enjoy the full experience, we understand that other commitments may take precedence. However, participating up until 6:00pm is expected.


How long are the programs?

Each program varies depending on the one you are attending:

  • First Year Overnight: up until 6:00pm on first day, but we strongly encourage students to stay overnight.
  • Transfer Programs: up until 4pm on the day you attend.                                             

Note: We strongly recommend attending earlier dates as most courses by then are filled and registration becomes very complicated. 


Do my parents have to come?

Your parents, spouses or other significant people in your life are not required to attend, but many do attend and we have programs specifically targeted to them at each orientation. We know how valuable they are to your success and that is why we have created programs for them. Local hotel options are available for family members who choose to stay overnight. Please check our website for details.


Do I have to pay any additional fees for Orientation?

Every student whether they are freshmen or transfer pay an orientation fee which is built into their first term at the University. New students pay it as part of their admission deposit. No refunds are provided for simply not attending as we prepare several programs all summer and expect you to take advantage of one of them. There is an additional fee of $30.00 per student who stay as part of the Overnight program. The fee supports the evening activities and helps us prepare the residence halls for your visit. Transfer students are not provided this opportunity in their program.


Where do I go if I arrive late?

If you arrive late, it is best to go to the original location you were advised to attend. For the first year overnight programs, you should go to the Recreation Center in Lot 6. For the Transfer you should go to University Hall. There will either be personnel still available or signage directing you to where the program has moved. Please make every attempt to arrive on time or early as the program is fast paced and has students and parents move around campus to better acclimate them to the environment.


For those staying overnight, when do I check-in to the residence halls?

This opportunity is only available to the first year students  on a first come-first served basis based on when you RSVP online. Unless there is a problem, your RSVP should go through easily and you will only be notified if there is a conflict. Check-in for the program and residence hall is the same morning. Please bring your belongings with you from the car to help facilitate to the process much more smoothly. Transfer students are not provided this opportunity in their program.