Banner Finance and Chart of Accounts

University Finance System

Banner Finance is the University’s central accounting and finance system. Banner Finance includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Grants Administration and Purchasing. User access to Banner Finance is managed within the Controller’s Office.


User Access in Banner Finance

To request user access (new user access or changes to existing user access) to Banner Finance, complete the Banner Finance Access Form and submit to

To request an addition or change to requisition approvals, complete the Requisition Approval Form and submit to


Chart of Accounts

University transactions are recorded in Banner Finance using FOAPs:

F = Fund

O = Organization (department)

A = Account

P = Program

To view a list of all active funds and orgs, go to WPConnect, click the Employees tab, click Finance from the menu list, then select Banner Chart of Accounts (FOAP) Spreadsheet. This list will show active Fund-Org combinations along with the designated financial manager for each fund.

Or, click here to go directly to the report. 


Requests for new/changed FOAPs

To request a new fund or org, complete the form: Banner Request Form: New FOAP or Change to Existiing FOAP and submit to

Requests for new FOAPS should include a description of the activity that will be recorded within the new FOAP, the amount and type of budget, and name of the individual with budget authority/responsibility.