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Gift Card Scams & Impersonation Email Addresses
From : 11/26/18 09:15 AM
To : 12/14/18 09:15 PM

Over the past few weeks, Information Technology has seen a significant increase in gift card scams distributed over email. In these scams, attackers create external email addresses that impersonate a trusted contact (a director, Dean, Chairperson, faculty member, or even the president of an institution or organization) and send an initial email indicating that they are busy/out of the office/in a meeting and need an urgent favor of you. The follow-up request will be that you purchase gift cards for them to assist with an event or giveaway they are running and then provide them with the redemption codes found on the back of gift cards. Once the redemption codes are supplied, the value of the card is stolen and card use cannot be traced.

In order to protect against this (and other) scams, we recommend closely evaluating any messages that asks for a favor (especially to make a purchase or disclose sensitive information.) If you receive a message/call asking you to make a gift card purchase or asking that you disclose sensitive/confidential information, verify with the requestor using an alternate method of contact.

If you fall victim to a gift card scam, the FTC advises to report it to the Gift Card merchant and to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. For additional information, please see https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2018/10/scammers-demand-gift-cards

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