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From : 02/22/19 03:00 PM
To : 02/22/19 07:00 PM

The Information Technology Wiki (located at wpunj.edu/itwiki) will be unavailable on Friday 2/22 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. while system maintenance is performed.

Thank you.
Information Technology

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From : 02/14/19 09:00 AM
To : 02/14/19 05:00 PM

DegreeWorks will be down for maintenance on Thursday February 14, 2019 from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

From : 01/23/19 04:45 PM
To : 02/01/19 07:00 PM

As reported in a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article on the topic, Information Technology has seen an increase of reports of email scams targeting WPUNJ faculty and staff in an attempt to get the recipient to purchase gift cards and to email the gift card numbers to the attacker.

In these scams, the attackers create fake email addresses on external email systems (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) in attempt to impersonate WPUNJ faculty or staff, typically deans, directors, or department heads. The emails are sent from addresses that display the name of a familiar WPUNJ employee's name but are actually sent from non-WPUNJ email accounts. For example, the email may display as being sent from 'John Smith' but the email address is actually smithj.wpunj.edu@gmail.com rather than smithj@wpunj.edu.

In the scam, the scammer is hoping that the recipient will not notice that the email is actually a non-WPUNJ email address. The ultimate goal is to convince the recipient of the email to purchase gift cards as a favor for the 'colleague' and then email the redemption codes to that individual with the promise of later reimbursement. 

The initial emails often start with a subject or question of “Are you available?” with follow up messages indicating that the 'colleague' is 'in a meeting, can’t take calls' and need the recipient to buy gift cards for them which will be reimbursed later.

As the impersonation email accounts are created randomly, we cannot block all variations of the message. Please stay vigilant in responding to any 'urgent' requests for favors.

If you receive a message like this scam, do not respond. If you need to confirm validity, we recommend reaching out to the individual through an alternate contact method (phone.)

Thank you.
Information Technology