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How to Properly Sanitize and Clean Computer/Electronic Equipment
From : 06/15/20 11:00 AM
To : 08/31/20 11:00 AM

With the phased approach of some employees returning to campus starting on Monday June 22nd, we would like to share some important information on how to properly sanitize and clean computers or electronic equipment.

This information applies to all computers (including keyboards and mice,) laptops, Xerox multi-function devices and other printers, and cell phones or tablets.

Do not spray any liquids directly on electronic devices. Any sanitizing spray should be lightly sprayed on a cloth first, and then the equipment can be wiped with the cloth. When possible (though we understand that this may not be viable in high use cases,) the equipment should be powered down prior to wiping down. The university is working to procure the proper cleaning supplies for departments to use.

For the best results:

  • Moisten a clean, soft, lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol/30% water mix)
  • Wipe the area of the device to be cleaned with the moist cloth
  • For touch screen displays (ex: printer screens or phones/tablets,) wipe gently in one direction taking care not to scratch the screen
  • Allow the device to air dry so no moisture is present before resuming use

Thank you,
Information Technology

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Previous Downtime

From : 07/21/20 10:00 AM
To : 07/22/20 10:00 AM

Information Technology is aware of issues impacting both incoming phone calls to and outgoing phone calls from the university's phone system. The cause seems to be an issue being experienced by Lightpath, our phone service provider, with the issue affecting several areas of New Jersey.

We'll continue to monitor for updates from the provider and take action as needed.

Thank you for your patience.
Information Technology

From : 07/20/20 12:00 PM
To : 07/20/20 01:00 PM

Banner Admin Pages and Self-Service will both be unavailable from noon today (Monday 7/20) to 1 p.m. while emergency system maintenance is performed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused during this timeframe.

From : 07/11/20 11:00 PM
To : 07/12/20 02:00 AM

Information Technology/Enterprise Network and Systems Services will be performing essential system maintenance for the University's Web load balancers on Saturday July 11, 2020 from 11:00pm to 2:00am on Sunday morning. Due to the architecture and redundancy of these systems, this work is expected to have little to no impact on network performance or system services during the maintenance window. Although this will have little or no impact, we want to make our community aware should there be an unanticipated problem.

Frank Tedesco
IT/Enterprise Network and System Services