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From : 02/22/24 07:00 AM
To : 02/22/24 11:45 PM

Thursday 2/2 12:45pm Update:
We've now receiving reports that cellular service is starting to be restored to individuals who had been impacted while AT&T continues to work on full resolution. Additional details can be found through news reports regarding the outage. At this time, WP's IT team will consider this our final update on the issue, unless the situation changes.

Initial Update:
Early this morning, it was reported that several cellular service carriers (including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) are experiencing major service outages which are impacting calling, text messaging, and mobile internet. Additional information is available at https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/22/tech/att-cell-service-outage/

For WP employees or students using impacted devices that do not have cell phone service and also do not have access to Wi-Fi, there are several options available to login with Duo.

If you have the Duo app installed and normally approve a push notification, you can manually open the Duo app and use the passcode displayed in the app to login using the 'Enter a Passcode' option when prompted by Duo. If your Duo profile is set to automatically send you a push to approve when you login, you may need to scroll down to click the 'Cancel' button in the light blue bar before you click the 'Enter a Passcode' button.

If you have been using phone calls to your cell phone to approve Duo and you do not have cellular service, you will need a temporary passcode. You can generate a temporary passcode for yourself by clicking on the 'Forgot Account/Password or Need Login Help?' button found on the WPconnect login page, then clicking on 'I Don't Have My Duo Device', and then answering some questions to verify your identity. The provided passcode will work for 24 hours.

In the event you need assistance after trying the methods above, you can also contact our IT Helpdesk at (973) 720-4357 or www.wpunj.edu/helpdesk.

Thank you.
Information Technology

From : 02/15/24 09:15 AM
To : 02/22/24 07:30 AM

On the evening of Thursday February 15th, Information Technology will be performing an annual update of the network security certificate that allows computers, cell phones, and other devices to securely connect to both the campus wireless and wired networks.

Any device connecting to the campus network may display a prompt asking to accept/allow/trust the new certificate in order to connect to the WP network.

Information Technology will configure university image Windows and macOS computers to automatically process the new certificate. On personal devices or non-university image computers, you may receive this certificate prompt. Clicking Allow/Accept/Trust will enable your computer/device to continue to connect to the campus network.

If you do not receive a prompt for the new certificate and are unable to connect to the campus wireless network, the recommendation is to remove/forget the WP Wireless (or WP Wireless 5Ghz) connection and then reconnect.

If you encounter any issues, please contact our IT Helpdesk at (973) 720-4357. 

Thank you. 
Information Technology