03/05/21 03:00 PM - 03/19/21 05:00 PM
Protecting Your Zoom Sessions from Zoombombing

Monday 3/1 Update: Zoom has recently rolled out an update that allows Zoom meetings with 'Require Authentication to Join' enabled to also allow invitations to be sent to 'Exception' individuals. If you use the 'Require Authentication to Join' feature for a Zoom meeting, you can add exceptions by clicking on the Add link next to "Authentication Exception' in the Zoom Web Portal.

Recent news reports have indicated that New Jersey colleges and universities are seeing an uptick in Zoombombing intrusions of online meetings and events held via Zoom.

We encourage faculty and staff using Zoom Information Technology to review Zoom's Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meetings guide for in-depth detail on how to best secure your Zoom meetings and prevent these types of incidents.

Key takeaways include:

  • Never share a Zoom meeting link on a publicly viewable website or social media channel
  • Use Waiting Rooms to review attendees before starting meetings
  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom's Security controls

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Information Technology Help Desk at or 973-720-4357.

Thank you.

03/05/21 02:45 PM - 03/05/21 06:00 PM
STMP Server issue (WPConnect, Web Helpdesk, etc)

Friday 3/5 Update: Campus systems configured to send outbound email using the campus STMP server (WPconnect, Web Helpdesk, as example) will fail to send email until this issue is resolved. This likely will be after 4 p.m. All normal email through the Exchange system should be unaffected.

Known impacts:

  • Email sent directly through WPconnect applications will be queued up and resent by the Programmer team.
  • WebHelpdesk will give a ‘failed to send’ email when attempting to send email from within the system. These messages will need to be resent from within Helpdesk when this is resolved.
  • Xerox printers will be unable to scan to email until resolved as well.

03/03/21 09:00 AM - 03/03/21 02:00 PM
FIOS customers experiencing internet issues

We've received multiple reports of connectivity issues with campus resources from off-campus, and we have determined that the issues are related to network problems that Verizon FIOS is experiencing. Individuals with FIOS as their ISP may experience intermittent issues with connectivity to WPUNJ websites and other non-WP services.

The following link provides a map of reports of issues related to FIOS connectivity -

02/12/21 09:00 AM - 02/12/21 02:00 PM
Office 365 Login issues

10:15 a.m. update: This issue has now been resolved.
We're aware of issues with employee email accounts not being able to sign in to web-based Outlook and Office 365. IT staff are working to resolve, with an expected resolution later this morning.

02/08/21 09:00 AM - 02/08/21 12:00 PM
On-campus network issues

10:50 a.m. update: if you are experiencing this issue, please restart your computer and attempt to connect again.

We are aware of on-campus network issues effecting University Windows Computers and are working to identify the issue and address. Please note, you might need to "trust" a new certificate - that notification is okay.