05/03/23 07:30 AM - 05/04/23 09:30 AM
WebHelpDesk Scheduled Maintenance

The WebHelpdesk support ticket system ( will be unavailable on Thursday May 4th from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. while required system updates are performed. During this period, the Helpdesk can be contacted at 973.720.4357.

Thank you for your patience while we complete these upgrades.

04/25/23 09:30 AM - 04/25/23 11:45 PM
Issues with Blackboard and certain Internet Service Providers (Comcast/Xfinity)

We've received reports of WP community members who are unable to access WP's Blackboard system from off-campus, with most reports coming from individuals who have Comcast/Xfinity as their ISP.

WPUNJ's Blackboard platform is cloud-based and hosted directly by Blackboard. After researching, we've identified that Blackboard has a status update indicating that they encountered a network issue earlier this morning and that a resolution for this issue should be flowing out to all internet service providers now.

At this time, the expectation is that this resolution should reach the Comcast/Xfinity ISP in the near future. For direct assistance with this issue, impacted individuals may need to contact their ISP support and indicate that they are unable to reach the following website: ''

For additional information from Blackboard, see

Thank you.

04/20/23 10:15 AM - 04/20/23 05:00 PM
Microsoft Office 365 Application Issues

Update: As of 3:30pm Microsoft has reverted a recent upgrade and most application issues seem to have been resolved.

We are aware of Office 365 application issues, Microsoft is investigating. 

Microsoft communications include -

03/22/23 12:00 PM - 03/22/23 02:00 PM
Uniprint/Pharos Print Services

Update - 12:45 Uniprint/Pharos printer services have been restored.

We are aware of issues with university print services that utilize uniprint (Student Printing and University Managed Xerox printers). Thank you for your patience while investigate the service issue.

02/24/23 08:00 AM - 02/24/23 04:00 PM
IT Wiki Maintenance

The Information Technology Wiki (located at will be unavailable on Friday 2/24 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. while system maintenance is performed.

Thank you.
Information Technology