11/14/23 01:00 PM - 11/15/23 07:00 PM
WiFi issue impacting University Hall, Grant Hall, and other isolated locations

Wednesday 11/15/23 8:00AM:
IT staff worked through yesterday evening to address approximately 120 of the 150 impacted wireless access points. Wi-Fi service has been restored to University Hall, Grant Hall, and Hunziker Hall. The 30 or so access points that remain impacted should be addressed today.

Thank you again for your patience as IT staff worked to resolve this issue. Barring any unanticipated change, this will be the last update on this alert.

If you continue to experience issues with Wi-Fi access on campus on Thursday (11/16) morning or after, please contact our IT Helpdesk at or (973) 720-4357.

Thank you.

Tuesday 11/14/23 1:45PM:
IT staff have identified the root cause of the issue and are currently working on restoring Wi-Fi service to the impacted areas, which primarily includes University Hall and Grant Hall along with a few other isolated locations.

The resolution requires in-person correction at each location, with approximately 150 wireless access points impacted, so we appreciate your patience while IT staff are working through restoring service to the affected areas. 

Tuesday 11/14/23 1:15PM:
Information Technology has received reports of issues impacting Wi-Fi access in University Hall. IT staff are currently investigating the issue and anticipate having service restored shortly.

Thank you for your patience while this issue is resolved.

11/13/23 12:00 PM - 11/13/23 12:45 PM
Emergency fiber optic repair for Skyline

A contracted vendor repair crew will be doing an in-place fiber optic repair for Skyline today on November 13, 2023, between 12pm and 12:35 pm. This work is necessary to stabilize the network services at Skyline Hall due to the fiber optic failure of two weeks ago.

All IT services will during this scheduled period will be down. This repair service should only effect Skyline for few minutes. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.

Thank You.

Frank Tedesco
IT/Enterprise Network and System Services

11/09/23 07:30 PM - 11/12/23 11:45 PM
Update regarding emails disappearing from WP Inboxes and later returning on Thursday evening

Earlier this week, Information Technology received multiple reports of emails that had been delivered to WP email inboxes and then had later randomly disappeared. Two emails of note that were impacted by this issue were President Helldobler's 11/6 Monday Bi-Weekly Updates email and the initial sending of the 11/7 Appointment of WP's New Chief Diversity Officer email.

At the time, we identified that Microsoft's automated email security system had mistakenly tagged these emails as potentially malicious and automatically removed them from Inboxes. It was later determined that this behavior was a global issue, impacting all organizations using Microsoft-based email accounts, and affecting any email sent out through or including content originating from the Constant Contact system which is used by the university to send out the President's messages.

Earlier this evening, we received reports that these emails began to randomly return to WP email account inboxes several days after disappearing. We've determined that this is a direct result of Microsoft reversing the prior accidental removal of the impacted emails and restoring them to inboxes. We anticipate that the restoration of these emails may continue into Friday 11/10.

We appreciate your understanding while we worked to identify the root cause of this issue, and we appreciate your patience while the issue comes to complete resolution.

Brian Fanning
Information Technology

11/02/23 10:45 AM - 11/02/23 10:00 PM
25Live Unavailable

Starting around 10:45 on Thursday, we received reports of the 25Live system being unavailable. As this is a vendor-hosted system, Information Technology staff have reached out to CollegeNet (the 25Live vendor) support for information and status updates. We anticipate this will be resolved shortly, but will provide additional updates if a lengthy downtime is expected.

Thanks for your patience.
Information Technology

09/15/23 08:00 AM - 09/17/23 11:30 PM
Microsoft Outlook performance issues

9/15/23 1:30pm Update:
Microsoft has now confirmed this the alert they've posted is creating the symptoms that are being reported with Outlook freezing. They are actively working to identify and address the issue.

Starting on Thursday September 14th, we began receiving several reports about Microsoft Outlook performance issues, with the most noticeable issues being that the installed version of Outlook on Windows computers was frequently freezing up while reading or sending email.

Our research indicates this issue is not isolated to William Paterson and seems to be a service issue on Microsoft's side. Early Friday morning, Microsoft posted a service alert with the subject 'Users may be unable to access the Exchange Online service through multiple connection methods'. While this symptoms are not an exact match, we believe that the reports we are getting are related to this issue. We'll be monitoring the status of Microsoft's alert, and the expectation is that they should have this resolved before the end of the weekend, at the latest. 

For those experiencing this issue, we recommend the web-based Outlook (at as an alternative.

Thank you for your patience.
Information Technology