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From : 06/21/16 09:15 AM
To : 06/21/16 11:30 AM

We are aware and are working to resolve the current authentication services error when accessing 25Live, IPTV/Philo, Campus Labs Assessment Page and other cloud services.

From : 06/02/16 07:45 AM
To : 06/02/16 08:45 AM

Morrison Hall fiber is being replaced.  We expect service to resume at 8:30am.

From : 05/27/16 08:00 AM
To : 05/27/16 05:00 PM

Information Technologwill be performing Valley Road Data Center maintenance on Friday, May 27th from 8:00am to 4:00pm. There should be no interruption of anysystem services and/or resources while maintenance is performed. Although this will have no impact we want to make our community aware should there be an unanticipated problem.