WPUNJ Backbone

Today, the WPUnjNet backbone consists of three network core switches and two data center core switches strategically located across the campus optimized for performance and bandwidth. Fault-tolerance between the core switches is accomplished by using a redundant path to and from each core switch. Routing is accomplished by utilizing the same technology capable of wire-speed routing.

Our WPUNJ wireless network consists of about 1500 access points strategically located across the campus controlled by a redundant Wireless Control Systems and a Wireless Line Controllers backend. Because of the robust wireless architecture, all residence halls have complete wireless coverage down to each individual room. In addition, all classrooms and faculty/staff offices have full wireless coverage. 

The WPUnjNet is connected to the Internet via a dual-homed connection for redundancy. Two redundant 10Gbit circuits of Internet bandwidth constitute our total internet access.

All campus dormitories (Century, Hillside, Heritage, Pioneer, White, Matelson, High Mountain East and West) are joined to the University 100G network backbone at 10Gb speeds bringing the potential number of resident student devices at the University to over 5000.