ResNET Policies

ResNET will strictly enforce the following guidelines and policies:

  • ResNET will not open computers and install hardware (network cards) or software for any reason.
  • ResNET will not support third party software. Contact the software manufacturer for that type of support.
  • ResNET will not support any computer that currently has peer-topeer software installed on it, or has had peer-to-peer software installed on it in the past. This is because peer-to-peer software often installs hidden software called “spyware” on your compuer that may render it useless on the network, or adversely degrade the working state of the operating system. Some examples of peer-topeer software are: Morpheus, Kazaa, Bonzi Buddy, AudioGalaxy, LimeWire, BearShare, Napster, and Aimster. Installation of firewall software is permitted, but ResNET will not support it in any way. Make sure you configure firewall software correctly, or you might inadvertently tell your firewall program to block ALL Internet traffic, including web browsing.
  • ResNET is not responsible for student computers that contract viruses. However, ResNet will help in the removal of any viruses that may attack a student computer. Student computers are expected to have anti-virus software installed and running on them at all times. All anti-virus software must be constantly updated or it will not properly identify new viruses. You may refer to your anti-virus software documentation for instructions on how to update your antivirus software.
  • File sharing is NOT permited on this campus. Please refer to WPU's File Sharing Policy for more information. ResNET reserves the right to add and or modify these policies at any time.