Network and Hardware Services


Enterprise Network and System Services is responsible for the security, design, implementation and management of the University's Data Centers, wired/wireless network, physical security, access control, Voice over IP, e-Mail, VM systems, SAN, NAS, cloud storage infrastructures and other cloud IT services providing redundancy and reliability in support of all technology services connecting students, faculty and staff to the University's IT resources and the Internet.

What makes Enterprise Network and System Services?

  • Wired Network Infrastructure
    • Physical optical fiber plant (single and multimode optical fiber distribution from building to building)
    • Horizontal/Vertical riser distribution (building optical and copper wire distribution)
    • Core equipment (high speed 100G core aggregation switches)
    • Edge equipment (routers, firewall, traffic controller, intrusion systems)
    • Building equipment (aggregation 10G switches)
    • Security equipment (network authentication servers)

  • Wireless Network Infrastructure
    • Building wireless equipment - 1500 Access Points (802.11a/n/ac/ax, 802.11b/g/n/ax capable)
    • Wireless control systems and LAN controllers (wireless aggregation & management)
    • Wireless security equipment (network authentication servers)

  • Virtual Machine Compute Systems
    • Redundant on-site data center systems
    • Cloud-based data center
    • SAN, NAS and cloud storage

  • Voice over IP system
    • Cloud based VoIP system.
    • Redundant voice trunks
    • Messaging system

  • e-Mail System
    • Redundant email systems in hybrid mode.

  • Physical Security
    • IP based surveillance system with 1500+ IP cameras.

  • Access Control
    • IP based system controlling all gates, doors and entries.

  • Cybersecurity
    • On-site and cloud-based mitigation platforms.

  • Cloud services
    • Azure, Office 365, Outlook, AWS. etc.