Faculty Technology Highlights


Joann Lee

Joann Lee

Over in the Communication department, Joann Lee also had her students recorded on video. But in this case, students in her Announcing class were recorded in Hobart Hall's Presentation Training Classroom, reciting scripted announcements and outside copy. The resulting videos were then uploaded for online review and critique.

To learn more about the Presentation Training Classroom and other services provided by IRT's Broadcast, Production & Support team, contact at Patrick Ryan at ryanp@wpunj.edu and/or at 973-720-3326. 




Lorra Brown

Also in the Communication department, Lorra Brown worked with IRT to digitize a video title, Corporate Social Responsibility: From Principles to Profit. Because this title was not available anywhere on the web, neither freely nor commercially, this title could be digitized on the grounds of Fair Use, and the students enrolled in the Spring 2016 course on Corporate Social Responsibility were able to benefit from a streaming copy of this video being made available.

To learn more about digitizing video titles and about what falls under fair use, please contact Tom Nemeth at nemetht@wpunj.edu and/or at 973-720-2416. 


Lorra Brown



Rajiv Kashyap

There are many other ways to present what you know, of course; not just video. Working with his colleagues the Marketing and Management department and with IRT, Rajiv Kashyap developed a capstone project that has all students in the program create e-Portfolios. By the time they have graduated, each student will have worked with coordinators in the program to create an e-Portfolio that showcases information related to personal development, skills and certifications, and experiences. 

To learn more about Blackboard e-Portfolios, please contact IRT's Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology by calling 973-720-2659 and/or by visiting them in room 120K of the Cheng Library.



Neici Zeller, Solomon Nyaanga, Jet Mboga, et al.

Neici Zeller, from the History department, and Solomon Nyaanga and Jet Mboga, from Marketing and Management, were just three of the faculty members who taught in the new Active Learning Classrooms in University Hall in the Spring 2016 semester. In an Active Learning Classroom (ALC), students engage in the activities that promotes analysis, synthesis and evaluation of learning, by participating in the class and collaborating with each other. Students do not simply listen and memorize in an ALC; instead, students are guided to demonstrate a process, analyze an argument, or apply a concept to a real-world situation.

To learn more about teaching in an Active Learning Classroom, please visit IRT's Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology and/or consider attending a future offering of the Active Learning Institute (ALI): http://www.wpunj.edu/irt/ctlt/active-learning/.


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