Broadcast, Production & Support

Our staff provides professional expertise and service in Broadcast and Video Production to support the academic programs across campus.

BPS Services:

Video Conferencing Services

William Paterson University has a wide range of multimedia equipment that will facilitate live video conferencing both on and off-campus. Some uses of video conferencing are:

- Conducting interviews with potential job applicants almost anywhere
- Holding meetings at other locations and bringing workshops together
- Reaching educational experts around the world and bringing them into your classroom experience
- Conducting synchronous classes to remote sites via Presentation Training Classroom (PTC)

Our PTC Room in Hobart Hall will seat 24 people and has an observation room with additional seating for 18. The PTC Room is equipped with a document camera, VHS & DVD player, and a computer with internet access. This equipment is combined with several cameras, microphones, speakers and displays to offer participants a complete interactive video conference experience with locations around the world.

The Martini Broadcast Studio, also in Hobart Hall, is a state-of-the-art digital studio designed and built to provide video conferencing and live broadcasting capabilities. With seats for 88 people, 3 cameras, a 12’ robotic camera jib, teleprompters, special soundproofing, lighting, and a modified THX-certified surround sound system, the Martini Broadcast Studio is an auditorium that can fulfill almost any conferencing experience.

For Hobart Hall Martini (122A) and Presentation Training Classroom (132A) reservations, please use 25 Live Event Scheduling:

Event Video Recording Requests

For those who want an archive recording of special lectures or performances held on the campus of William Paterson, please submit the following form:

NJVid Support

- Locate and stream thousands of educational videos among a variety of topics from which students can watch,
   learn and discuss
- Convert faculty’s physical media and make them available to students through the Internet  
- Upload recordings of faculty lectures and presentations to the Web for student viewing
- Embed online videos into Blackboard for students to watch within a secure learning environment

Technical Services Window

William Paterson University’s Technical Services Window is located over the bridge in the Communication Department building, Hobart Hall.  The TSW is responsible for providing support and assistance to Faculty members, Staff, and students with any issues or help involving editing suites, software, camera rentals, audio equipment rentals, lighting equipment rentals, and other issues. 

For more information about services contact Patrick Ryan,