Center for Teaching with Technology

The Center for Teaching with Technology (CTT) at William Paterson University of New Jersey offers a wide range of services and support to assist faculty enhance their teaching methods with integrated technologies and create engaging and effective learning experiences for all students.

Mission and Goals

The mission of CTT is to equip faculty to leverage innovative technology for inclusive, engaging, and impactful learning experiences through the seamless integration of technology.

In supporting the mission, the Center for Teaching with Technology :

  • Provides faculty with cutting-edge technology such as Generative AI and Extended Reality to enhance student outcomes.
  • Supports faculty in transforming their courses into innovative, pedagogy-rich, and pedagogically sound experiences through mentorship in instructional design.
  • Facilitates a range of professional development opportunities for faculty to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise in teaching with technology.

CTT Services

Blackboard Support Instructional Design Faculty Development Generative AI Extended Reality