Leave Policies

Donated Leave Program
Family Leave - Maternity and Paternity Leaves
Medical Leave (including Short Term [TDI] and Long Term Disability [LTD])
Personal Leave
Sick Leave for Classified/Career Service Employees
Sick Leave for Unclassified Employees (Faculty, Professional Staff and Administrators)
(Additional) State & Federal Leaves of Absence under the Family Leave Acts


Learn about the medical leave of absence process: 

Classified/Career Service employees, view this Flow Chart. 

Upload a completed Request for Leave of Absence form via the My Documents Upload in WP Connect along with supporting documentation (typically a medical note). 

Unclassified employees, view this Flow Chart.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid during a leave of absence? How long can my leave last? What happens to my timesheet? 

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What happens to my health, dental, and life benefits? retirement contributions? anniversary date and leave time accruals during a leave?

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Where can I see my accrued leave time balances?

You can review eligible leave balances in your Employee Dashboard. Please note that sick and vacation leave balances displayed in your Employee Dashboard reflect a combination of earned and unearned leave time.

Review the eligibility requirements for the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the New Jersey State Family Leave Act (NJ FLA)

 Specific Notice for New Jersey State Family Leave and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  

Return from Sick Leave

Upon return from extended sick or medical leave, employees must be referred to the Office of Payroll and Benefits with the appropriate medical documentation authorizing their return to work. Employees may also use the Return from Leave of Absence form in lieu of medical documentation. Medical documentation must be uploaded via the My Document Upload in WP Connect.

Because of strict regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and in order to ensure our employee's privacy, no medical documentation or copies thereof are to be kept in any department's files except for the Student Health Center. All medical documentation is to be retained in a separate and secure file in the Office of Human Resources. To ensure the University's compliance with Federal law, your cooperation is essential.