Career Development

Office of Human Resources

Human Resources offer workshops that are free of charge.  For a detailed summary on the workshops/training sessions, click on Calendars at a Glance in the Professional & Organizational Development link. 


Center For Continuing and Professional Education (CPE)

CPE serves as a liaison to business and education leaders, healthcare professionals, and the regional community. Corporate executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, teachers, community leaders, and neighbors are stimulated by our state-of-the-art learning environment led by accomplished professors and experienced field specialists.

Experience personalized classes taught by expert instructors and business professionals who are eager to help you fit education into your work, family and community life.

Current offerings can be viewed at

Please call the Center For Continuing and Professional Education at extension 3804 for more details.


HRDI Programs

These programs and more are available through the Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) as part of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (CSC) program offerings.  Most programs are held online. The employee’s department is responsible for paying for the cost of the training. You may register directly with HRDI using the registration form available on their website.

Questions? Contact the Civil Service Commission, Human Resource Development Institute at: 609-777-2225 or fax inquiries to: 609-777-2336.

For a detailed program description and workshop location, refer to the HRDI website located at: