Ethics and Compliance

As State employees, we have an obligation to conduct ourselves with the upmost integrity.  In addition, every agency of the State of New Jersey is required to have an ethics liaison officer to ensure that its employees are aware of, and comply with, State ethics laws, regulations, and executive orders. Contact information:

As State employees, we are all required to follow the rules included in such statutes as the Uniform Ethics Code and the New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law and various gubernatorial executive orders. Thus, the term "ethics" refers here primarily to principles concerning employees' not abusing their public offices for personal gain, avoiding conflicts of interest, and generally upholding the public's trust. New Jersey's rules of ethical conduct target accepting gifts from outside persons or entities with whom you deal in your job, using your government position to get favors for yourself, friends, or relatives, and using State time or resources for personal benefit

This website provides information and access to required forms and compliance materials. If you have any question regarding the application of the Uniform Ethics Codes or believe that a violation of the State of New Jersey Uniform Ethics Code has occurred, please contact the University Ethics Liaison Officer:


Regina A. Tindall, J.D.
Employment Equity and Diversity
Director, Compliance & Employee Relations
Title IX Coordinator - Ethics Liaison Officer
(973) 720 – 2389