How to Check my Foundations Requirements

Students can check their Foundations course requirements and status using WP Connect

Check your Degree Audit/Evaluation
  • Log onto WP Connect and use your Student tab
  • Under My Degree click on Degree Works
  • On the lower left will be a section called Test Scores
  • If your requirements have all been met, the category will show a score of 20 next to each requirement, Math, Reading and English
  • If the requirement is Not Met - look next to each category for a score of 10 - that means that area (Math or Reading) has not been met
  • If you're currently in a Foundations class - that class will show up in the requirements area, but it will remain as not met until your grades are posted
 What should I do if a requirement hasn't been met?
  • Check your email - during advisement you'll get email telling you how to choose class options for the following semester
  • Contact the Academic Foundations office and ask what this means or if you have any questions- 
  • Talk to your advisor about how to meet the requirement
What does a FYF Hold mean? What should I do?
  • If you haven't completed a Foundations course requirement, or haven't passed the course yet, a registration hold will appear on your account during the semester
  • The hold is a reminder that you need to work with the Academic Office to be placed into the Foundations course(s) that you need the following semester
  • When advisement happens for the semester (late October or Late March) you will get an email with instructions for how to search course options and choose section options
  • You cannot register for Foundations courses on your own; you must be placed in the class
  • Again, if you have questions contact the office ASAP: