FAQs and Information

What is the First Year Foundations Program?

This program provides academic support through tutoring, summer programs, online experiences and courses during the first year designed to help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in college level coursework. Skills that are focused on are critical reading skills, writing and mathematics.

Why do I need placement testing?

Placement testing is used to determine what courses you’re eligible to take; it’s also used to help you identify academic strengths and weaknesses 

What are the placement exams like?

Mathematics is untimed and on the computer. You cannot use a calculator on the exam, although you should use scrap paper.

Reading is also untimed and on the computer. You’ll be asked to read passages and answer multiple choice questions.

Should I prepare for the placement exams?

Definitely!  We want you to review before the exam; students who don’t often don’t do as well as they could. Check How to Prepare for Placement Exams for more details.

What if I want extra practice before taking the exam?

Check How to Prepare for Placement Exams for links, materials and tips. Contact Salwa Zito ,Zitos3@wpunj.edu  if you have specific questions or concerns.

How will I know how I did?

Within a few weeks after your test date you’ll receive your results in the mail and in an email; you will also be told if you qualify for any free summer programs to complete requirements early.

Can I re-take the exam if I don’t do well?

Many students will qualify for an in-person or online summer program if they don’t do well; re-testing is part of that program

If you do not qualify for a Summer Foundations Program, then you cannot re-test

What if I need to re-schedule my exam?

If you know ahead of time, call the Office of Testing (973) 720-3095 as soon as you realize you need to register for another date

If there is an emergency on the exam date and know you won’t be able to make the exam, please contact the Office of Testing (973) 720-3095 so they can re-schedule your date as soon as possible.

What should I bring to the exam? Can I use a calculator?

Be sure to bring pens and pencils and photo identification to the exam. You are not allowed to use a calculator!

What if I have a disability or a temporarily disabling condition and I use testing accommodations?

Be sure to contact the Office of Testing, (973) 720-3095 at least one week before your scheduled test date to discuss how to arrange testing accommodations. 

What if I have other questions, need additional practice materials or want to speak with someone?

The Office of Testing, can assist you with questions about your test date, rescheduling, coordinating with the Accessibility Resource Center and other concerns around Testing. They can be reached at (973) 720-3095 or via email at TestCenter@wpunj.edu.

Salwa Zito, Director of the First Year Foundations Program, can assist with how to prepare for placement testing and getting access to preparation resources, what to what to do after you receive your results and other questions about the First Year Foundations Program and support. She can be reached at (973) 720-3515, or via email at Zitos3@wpunj.edu