Complete Your Financial Aid File

This section will go over completing your financial aid file in order for your financial aid to pay on your account.  If you are selected for either Federal and/or state verification, the documents need to be submitted as soon as possible so that your aid eligibility can be determined.

 Complete Your Financial Aid File Webinar

Understanding Your Financial Aid Package

Once you have completed your FAFSA, and it has been processed by the Department Of Education, the Office of Financial Aid will provide your financial aid package, called College Financing Plan. This plan will include Cost of Attendance information, award offer information along with other important information needed to complete your file. College Financing Plans are sent to the student via their WPU student email.

When will you receive your College Financing Plan?

New-incoming students – on a rolling basis starting in March

Continuing students – mid-June after spring grades are posted. Please note that if you were selected for verification, you must satisfy all Financial Aid requirements before the Office of Financial Aid can determine your aid eligibility.

For more on Understanding Your Financial Aid Package, please watch this short video.