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The SBDC at William Paterson University in collaboration with the School of Continuing & Professional Education introduces a new catalog of critical courses specially targeted to assist Small Business Owners and their employees in recovery and rejuvenation from the challenges and changes driven by COVID-19.
Insure that you and your small business are ready for the fast-paced "new normal" of today's post-pandemic highly competitive business environment.

New Free Online Instructor-Led Courses for Small Business Success: 

  • International Sales for Small Business: Is Going Global the right decision for your company? This course presents an analysis of the sales function across national borders. The impact of strategic, economic, political, legal, and cultural factors on sales activities, factors that influence the globalization of selling, and the impact of cultural differences on global selling and buying will be discussed. The material presented in this course is geared to business owners or managers with authority to decide the strategy and direction of the company. This NOT a HOW to sell basics; it is designed to help participants decide if Going Global is the right decision and if it is, how do they start. 
  • Supply Chain Management for Small Businesses: Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing, and using a company's inventory. This includes the management of raw materials, components, and finished products, as well as warehousing
    and processing such items.
  • Selling in the "New Normal": This workshop will focus on the concerns which many small businesses identify as challenges to achieving their goals in an environment when selling virtually has become a mandatory part of their daily activities. Many companies are looking for assistance in the sales enablement, sales execution and sales operation components of their business. The success of small businesses will be their ability to hone skills, train their team and make the sales experience memorable for their customers.

Free Self-paced asynchronous online courses for your convenience please click below to register:

 Self-Paced Asynchronous Online Courses

Agile Project Management is popular because organizations today deal with shifting priorities, short timelines to market, high stakeholder engagement, and demands for flexibility.  Agile project management uses "sprints," or short development cycles, to adapt to customer feedback and produce products/services within weeks instead of months.


Communicating clearly and concisely in written and oral formats is critical to professional success.  Learn about crafting the most common business communication formats in different delivery forms.


Although the thought of undertaking statistical analysis gives many of us a headache, interpreting data effectively leads to far-reaching impact on companies of all sizes.  These courses covers the basics of quantitative analysis, how to use it to interpret trends in your spreadsheets, and how to apply this data to thoughtful business decisions.


Business Owners and managers must be familiar with emerging technologies that may impact their organizations, and how these developments can be leveraged to boost their employees' performance. These courses in artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain consider some of the potential legal and ethical concerns that may accompany their implementation in the workplace.


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