Transitional Programs and Career Readiness for Individuals with Disabilities

Fall 2021 Student Evaluation

Dear Students, 

Thank you for a wonderful fall semester! Please take a minute to complete the program evaluation. Your feedback will help us improve the program for the spring and the coming years. 

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WP Transitional Programs  Information Session Program

Join us on Thursday, December 9 for the Transitional Programs Information Session to learn about and address any questions parents and school districts have about the program/classes. Participants will have the chance to visit the Professional Certificate classes and see the program in action, including students interacting with each other during lunch-time.  Click here to register!

Academic School Year Transition Program Information 

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is challenging for young adults with learning disabilities. The William Paterson University School of Continuing and Professional Education is offering School Districts the opportunity to enroll their 11th, 12th, and transitional students in multiple certification programs. This program specifically designed for students with an IEP and/or 504 programs.

The Transition program provided student(s) with career path and life transition opportunities to students ages 18 to adults ages 21+ with moderate learning disabilities that impact their independence and learning. William Paterson University is prepared to provide the following Transition Programs to School District Students with IEP during the Academic Year (If necessary, virtual learning will be available):

  • Academic and Career Readiness Dual Enrollment Programs for Grade 11
  • Professional Certification Dual Enrollment / Non-degree Programs for Grade 12
  • Post-high school Transition Program (ages 18 – 21)
  • Program is available to young adults ages 21+ on a case-by-case basis.
  • Independent Living Workshop for students with Intellectual Disabilities (ages 18 -21).

 Program Goals

The program goal is to foster a positive academic transition to high school and early preparation for post-secondary and National Professional Certifications and entry-level job placement. Students will have the opportunity to experience college life, acquire social skills and career awareness, and earn professional certifications to become marketable in the industry of their choice. Also, enter directly into the workplace after high school graduation if desired. The program will provide a structured learning experience (SLE); and community-based instruction for students to develop the skills needing for job placement assistance at the successful completion of the certificate program.

Program Benefits

School District Students with learning disabilities will benefit from attending the William Paterson University non-degree professional certification transition programs through the following:

  • Students can earn a Professional Certificate in a credentialed career path of their interest.
  • Students can earn High School Credits while participating in the certificate program if needed.
  • Students will further learn and develop life skills, including but not limited to time management, healthy relationship management, public speaking skills, and goal setting.
  • Students will be exposed to college life and given mentorship opportunities by current WP college students to help develop social skills.
  • Students will develop career readiness skills, including but not limited to interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, research skills, and writing skills.
  • Students will learn job readiness skills (interview skills and job search) and develop a career portfolio to be marketable for competitive employment.
  • Students will prepare academically for post-secondary career training.



Iris V. DiMaio, M.A., Associate Director

School of Continuing and Professional Education

Phone: Office Line: 973-720-2491 and Cell 973-390-0340,


Summer Transition Programs Information

William Paterson University is offering two summer transition programs for middle and high school students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and/or 504 plans. The programs are designed to provide students with guidance, self-awareness, and self-advocacy skill development, as well as the opportunity to explore the ingredients for academic success. The programs are open enrollment based on fit and availability.


“Friday I spent a few minutes reaching out to the parents of our students in [the Educational Transition] program and they raved about it!  They were very pleased with how things were going and that their children are engaged and enjoying themselves.  I wanted to let you know how happy they were! This was a shining moment during a difficult time and I am so happy they are doing so well.”

-Cristophher Foglio, Assistant Principal, Secondary Student Support Services, Wayne Township Public Schools

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