Adult Degree Completion

Finish your degree!  The Adult Degree Completion Program is designed to reinforce your personal motivation to succeed and advance your career!

Our Adult Degree Completion Program helps working professionals earn their bachelor’s degrees in the high-demand fields of Health Studies or Communication, with fast-track, flexible schedules that include online and optional in-person classes. If you have previously completed 60 or more college credits at an accredited institution, you are eligible for the Adult Degree Completion Program and can finish your bachelor’s degree with us in two years.

We also offer career development and support services for adult learners to assist with enrollment, registration, and career advisement, all in one location at the School of Continuing and Professional Education.

Additional credits we can apply to your degree:

  • Credit for Prior Learning – You can complete an assessment of prior, non-college learning that includes work experience, corporate training, professional licenses or certifications that may equate to college credit.
  • Credit by Examination  You can demonstrate your knowledge and gain credit through standardized national exams such as the CLEP, DSST, FLATS, AP and IB.

  • Military - You can earn degree credit for military training and experience by providing transcripts from ACE, CCAF, AART, JST, SMART, and the U.S. Coast Guard Institute.

Programs We Offer

    • BA in Communication Studies

      Communication Studies: The communication studies concentration provides students with the opportunity to study human interpersonal communication from behavioral, humanistic, and scientific perspectives. This includes instruction in the theory and history of communication, the development and application of intercultural and international communication practices, as well as relational, team, and leadership communication competencies in business, education, and social settings. Enhanced competency in written and oral expression is supported through the examination of oral and nonverbal and current technology-based messaging formats.

      View requirements and course descriptions:
      Communication - Communication Studies, BA

      Planning Your Courses: Curriculum Planning

    • Career Outcomes

      Great communicators are not only great employees, but effective leaders as well. This degree builds awareness of how to communicate information to diverse audiences effectively and confidently, and how to connect with other people in a way that can be persuasive and beneficial to everyone. Good communication skills are essential in just about every industry, so this degree gives an advantage to those who can communicate powerfully both with the written and spoken word. Communication Studies majors have gone on to work in careers ranging from benefits administrator, consultant, customer services representative, database analyst, Director of corporate communication, diversity consultant, human resource specialist, events planner, hotel manager, training specialist, conference manager, newsletter editor, organization director, admissions counselor, activities director, communication trainer, community outreach director, company spokesperson, project manager and many more!

  • BS in Health Studies

    The BS in health studies is a general program that prepares students with the health knowledge and skills necessary to understand and navigate the U.S. healthcare system, to be an informed consumer of health information, and to critically assess personal health behavior, health status, and associated health risks.  The health studies program is ideal for those who want to learn more about health and wellness, but who do not wish to pursue preparation in a specific health profession such as public health, health education, or nursing.

    View requirements and course descriptions:
    Health Studies, BS

    Planning Your Courses: Curriculum Planning

  • Required Prerequisite Courses

    In order to be admitted to the majors within the Department of Public Health, students must take and pass (with a C- or better) the following courses (or equivalent transfer course):

    BIO 1140 Applied Anatomy & Physiology (or BIO 1120 and BIO 1130; or BIO 1180 and BIO 1190; or BIO 1200)

    MATH 1300 Elementary Statistics (or MATH 2300) 

    PBHL 1100 Healthy U, or PBHL 1200 Current Health Issues, or PBHL 1300 Healthy Living After 30

  • Career Outcomes

    The health studies program is a general health-related degree that is specifically aimed at students who: have completed an AA/AS or an AAS in an allied health discipline and wish to earn a health-related bachelor's degree; are seeking advancement at their current place of employment in the health/health care industry; want a foundation in the study of human health before pursuing additional graduate training in clinical health science professions (best when combined with a major or minor in biology, chemistry, or other program under advisement); are interested in health, but who do not want to pursue professional preparation in public health or related careers; or want to enroll in a health-related degree completion program that will lead to timely graduation from the university.

  • Who would benefit from this program?

    This program is intended to help adults who have accrued around 60 undergraduate credits and want to finish their bachelor’s degree in an expedited online schedule.

  • What are the requirements for admission?

    Students should have around 60 credits, at least a 2.0 GPA during their time in school, and have completed pre-requisites for their intended course of study.

  • How can I utilize prior learning assessments to gain credit for life experience?

    Students can submit a portfolio with life/work experience. We will work with the department of your course of study to determine if your experience meets equivalent learning outcomes to courses in your program of study to grant you credits and get you on track.

  • What is the typical schedule of an Adult Degree Completer?

    Adult Degree Completion students typically take 12 credits a semester.  Many courses in the major are schedule in accelerated quarter-length time frames to permit student to take 2 courses at a time in two 7 1/2-week periods during a semester. Courses are offered primarily online, with some in-person or hybrid options.  With prior learning credits, degree completers can typically earn the bachelor's degree in 18-24 months.

  • Do I qualify for financial aid?

    Yes, Adult Degree Completion students will take 12 credits a semester, so they can apply for financial aid.

  • How do I apply?

    Complete the online application at - select the transfer application and remember to select the Adult Degree option. Be sure to select Spring 2021. If you have any other credits from another college or university, please be sure to request your official transcripts and have them sent directly to William Paterson University.

  • My last school is/was WPU years ago. How many credits are able to transfer?

    All credits obtained at WPU previously can be transferred directly!

  • How many credits will I need to complete in this field of study?

    To complete a Bachelor’s Degree, 120 credits are necessary. The Communication Studies degree is comprised of 39 core credits, and Health Studies has 36. The remaining credits necessary to obtain your degree can be obtained through various other sources.

  • What type of financing is available for continuing education?

    Please be sure to apply for financial aid at: – your financial aid advisor is Dayana Nuñez – – if you have any questions regarding financial aid you can reach out to her.

  • How much will this cost?

    Tuition and Fees:

    If you decide to take a full 12 credits – you will pay $7,059.00 per semester. If you come part-time you will pay per credit which is $437 per credit. So if you take 6 credits it will be around $2,622.

  • How long do you expect this to take?

    Depending on where you fall with the credits it will take you a year and a half or two years!

  • Are all classes online?

    Yes, all courses are online to fit your busy schedule!

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