Psychology-Related Research Resources

Research in Psychology Guide
Use the tabs at the top of the guide to locate different types of resources.

How to use Psychology related databases
Follow the tutorial to learn to search the research literature.

Library Research in Psychology
The APA's introduction to investigating a psychological topic in the library.

Annual Reviews
Index of excellent literature review articles.

The world's largest archive of social science data that can be downloaded and reanalyzed with statistical software.

Social Psychology Network
Many links, organized by topical areas.


Psychology-Related Organizations

American Psychological Association
APA is the oldest and largest professional association of psychologists. Though especially useful for students interested in clinical and counseling psychology, APA covers all areas of the discipline.

Association for Psychological Science
APS is more oriented towards experimental psychology than APA.

American Association For the Advancement of Science
A good resource for articles and databases in many fields of science, including psychology.


Study Aids

Psych Web
Tips and Links for psychology students and faculty.

Effective Studying
Dr. Stephen Chew discusses how to get the most out of studying.

Other Links

Careers in Psychology
Provides information about careers in psychology, licensure, jobs, and internships.

Psychology Degree 411
Provides information about psychology degrees, licensure, and jobs.

Ph.D. Programs in Psychology
Ranks Ph.D. programs in psychology. Includes links to institutional home pages if available.

The on-line directory of graduate school programs
A World Wide Web site dedicated to post-baccalaureate educational programs. The site is arranged in a directory format with listings categorized by curriculum.

The National Institute of Mental Health
Public Information, News and Events.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
The mission of The Anxiety Disorders Association of America is to promote the prevention and cure of anxiety disorders and to improve the lives of all people who suffer from them.

Nursing Degrees for Psychology Majors
Find out how your psychology degree could lead to a career in nursing.