Research Labs

Audiovisual Perception Laboratory, Science East 2018 (Dr. Gordon)

Center for Developmental Science, Science East 2011I (Dr. Conrad)

Cognition & Emotion Lab, Science East 2022A (Dr. Mohlman)

Couple and Family Research Lab Science East (Dr. Datchi)

Laboratory of Emotions and Affective Psychopathology (LEAP), Science East 2045A (Dr. Bartoszek) 

Collaborative Memory Lab, Science East 2020 (Dr. Ekeocha)

Cognition, Memory, and Development Lab, Science East 2019  (Dr. Learmonth)

Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Psychotherapy Lab (Dr. Nemeroff)

Culture and Resilience Team, Science East 2046 (Dr. Ma & Dr. Torres)

Impulsive-Aggressive Research Team Science East 2048 (Dr. Chesin)

Interpersonal Violence Research Lab, Science East 2046 (Dr. Cascardi)

Learning and Decision Lab (Dr. Freestone)

Motivation + Innovation Lab (Dr. Ahn)

Neuropsychology, Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Science East 2015  (Dr. Diamond)

Numerical Cognition and Inference Lab, Science East 2044  (Dr. Obrecht)

Social Cognition and Perception Lab (SCOPE), Science East 2013 (Dr. Haines)

Social Perception and Decision Making Lab (Dr. Rim)

Information about more faculty labs will be forthcoming. 


Sona Systems

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Sona Systems Trouble Shooting Tips:

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If you have been locked out of your account. The most common reason for being locked out of your account is because you no-showed for a study. If this happened, please contact the researcher of the study that you no-showed and kindly ask them to unlock your account.

You cannot sign up for studies. If there are no available time slots for studies, please try clicking a different day to view different time slots.

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