Lab Director: Dr. Michael S. Gordon

Dr. Gordon joined the faculty of William Paterson University in 2010.

He completed his A.B. in Psychology at the University of California, Davis (1997), and his Master's and Ph.D. (2002) at the University of California, Riverside working with Dr. Larry Rosenblum, emphasizing cognitive and perceptual psychology. He continued his studies at the University of Toronto with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Research on Biological Communication Systems and director, Dr. Bruce Schneider. In addition to his passions for research and instruction, Dr. Gordon enjoys his family, music, soccer, and motorcycling.

Lab Researchers:

Sarah Ciccarelli
Mohamed Ismail
Andrew Lucila Michael Morgan
Jitwipar Suwangbutra
Cognitive evaluation and its influence on music preferences
Audiovisual Speech; Face/Orientation Perception
Gaze-tracking with asynchronous audio feedback
Music and attention in film + AMEE project; Co-Director of Jam Shop!!!
The Skull Music Project: Skull resonance as a predictor of music preferences

Lab Alums:

Ben Ciccarelli Daniel Kobylarz Alejandro Ataucusi Tyler Grady
Graduated WPU in 2014, and is starting to medical school. Graduated WPU in 2015 and is active in ambient acoustics, sound fields, and software design. Graduated WPU in 2015 and is working with music as a performer, arranger, instructor, and researcher. Graduated WPU in 2015 and continues to work on issues in game design!
Matthew Pacailler Greg Hoffmann Rachelle Tobias Darlene Edewaard
Graduated WPU in 2013, but continues to support the lab with candy! Graduated WPU in 2013 and is working fulltime and pursuing his interests in Psychology, Evolution, and Philosophy. Graduated WPU in 2013 and now has a *real* job with human resources and social media! Graduated WPU in 2013 and continues to work passionately on meteors!
Kelsey Schobert
Duncan Shepard
Johanna Ancheta
Brittany Williams
Graduated WPU in 2012
Graduated in 2011
Graduated in 2012
Graduated in 2012

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