Psychology Club

The Psychology Club plays an important role in providing members with the skills and resources to excel in their careers and better serve their community.

Club members acquire the values of responsible teamwork and socialization each year. For example, they learn these responsibilities as they put together the proceedings of The Annual North Jersey Undergraduate Psychology Conference, which the club hosts. Each member's ideas, suggestions, and hard work play a vital role in the organization. Members also learn the importance of career planning and friendship. Each year the club organizes a free Graduate School / G.R.E. seminar workshop, run by the Princeton Review services. Participation in the psychology club is the best way to meet fellow students with similar interests and goals. Some of these fellow students become lifelong friends. 

The overall guidance for the Psychology Club comes from the club advisor, who works with the students in the planning, development, and implementation of its activities and events. Together, the advisor, leaders and members make students' academic experience clearer and more focused.

Please contact us to become involved:

Psychology Club Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ekeocha:

President: Jenyva Felix:

Vice President: Abria Ezell: