Minor in Public Policy & Administration

The goal of the minor in Public Policy and Administration is to introduce students to the structure, politics, process, and logistics of organizations, programs, and policies in the public sector (governmental and non-governmental). Students will critically examine the key challenges facing contemporary practitioners in the public sector and learn about potential challenges on the horizon. Thus, applied problem solving will be a core component of the minor.

It is expected that students will develop sound foundational knowledge of the work of the public sector and greater awareness of careers in the public sector via exposure to classic and contemporary texts and relevant case studies. This minor is especially beneficial to students who desire a program of study that allows them to apply the civic knowledge and critical thinking skills developed within the liberal arts and social sciences toward the examination of specific challenges and skills required within the modern public sector.

For more information, contact Prof. Arnold Lewis, lewisar@wpunj.edu, 973-720-2188.

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Desired Outcomes

A minor in Public Policy and Administration will enhance student awareness and identification of career paths in the public sector; increase undergraduate student preparation for entering such careers; and enhance student preparation for possible graduate study in Public Policy and Administration.

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