Minor in Political Science

The political science minor is designed to provide students with an introductory background to the study of politics, offering an appreciation of basic political concepts and both domestic and international political institutions and dynamics.

The minor requires 18 credits: POL 1200, American Government, plus any five other political science courses.

The minor is a good addition to many majors, because a basic understanding of politics is useful for careers in business, public health, education, communication, history, and criminal justice, among others. The minor will help you address such questions as:

  • What is the impact of government regulation on business?
  • Is Medicare for All politically feasible?
  • What policies would promote educational equity?
  • Does the mass media control society or does society shape the mass media?
  • What does ‘justice’ mean?
  • What are the causes of war?
  • What did the Supreme Court say about abortion in its recent June Medical Services v. Russo decision?
  • When are police allowed to search your car?

If you would like to explore these topics in more depth than just the minor, you might consider adding political science as a second major. This requires 36 credits, or 18 credits beyond the minor.

For more information, contact Prof. Aaron Tesfaye, tesfayea@wpunj.edu</>, 973-720-3428.

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