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The COE administration works closely with faculty, staff, candidates and community partners to collect and analyze data to make programmatic decisions about our programs. This collaborative effort demonstrates our belief in establishing a culture of evidence to ensure academic quality to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

The COE serves as a major resource for educational practitioners and  institutions  by preparing   students  for entry  into  teaching  and  educationally-related professions; providing educators with additional and advanced professional preparation and continuing development in selected disciplines;  and preparing students to participate effectively in a diverse society. Programs within the COE are committed to providing candidates with a high quality education. As part of the COE’s transparency of assessment findings, this webpage was created.

Candidates for teacher, leader, counselor, and other educator preparation programs benefit from William Paterson University’s Professional Development School Network, a partnership between the College of Education and more than 40 local schools that enables the sharing of research, resources and innovative practices to optimize learning for all. Along with Professional Development Schools, William Paterson University has state of the art Reading, Mathematics, and Professional Counseling Clinics, which provide additional opportunities for applied experiences for College of Education students and for service to the community.

In addition to supporting teacher, leader, and professional counseling candidates, the New Jersey Center for Professional Development Schools, housed in the College of Education, supports the work of all universities and P-12 schools in New Jersey, which work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning. The Center hosts an annual conference, which brings together university and school partners from across the state to share their work and learn from each other’s successes. The Heller Institute for Teaching, Learning and Leadership offers customized professional development, including topics of compelling interest to districts, such as uses of adaptive technologies.

The COE has received competitive grant awards to support the preparation and professional development of educators for urban districts. These include: selection as a site for Woodrow Wilson New Jersey Teaching Fellowships to prepare mathematics and science teachers for high need schools; a $3.2 million dollar USDOE  award to prepare and support school leaders in Paterson; and a USDOE award to support certifications in bilingual and ESL education for teacher candidates and teachers in Passaic and Paterson. William Paterson University has had  consistently received for a number of years support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to support integrated mathematics, science and art education in urban schools. All of these awards attest to the University’s commitment to the improvement of urban education.

William Paterson University’s College of Education graduates are employed throughout New Jersey and across the country. Most of our graduates complete their preparation with multiple certifications including, special education, ESL and bilingual education. Our graduates regularly receive accolades and awards for their teaching and leadership skills.

Our Fulbright faculty scholars have provided multiple opportunities for our students to gain global perspectives on education in India, Israel, South Korea, and Africa to name a few.

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