Our Grades 6 - 8 Program

Join in on the success that other students are experiencing through William Paterson University’s Middle School Programs! This immersive academic program allows students to thrive and sharpen the skills they learn during their regular school year. This program also allows students a chance to focus on their social and academic development, bridging the learning gaps that developed during Covid-19. The summer program establishes a foundation for social and academic success, allowing students to gain exposure to a diverse learning environment.  We offer students tools for success on their coming high school paths—that culminates in your children thriving both socially and academically in the coming years! Parents can register students for one week or multiple weeks, and either a half-day or full day.

To meet the goal of helping students achieve academic success, we offer both Academic Enrichment Courses and Academic Enhancement Courses.

Academic Enrichment Courses build off the foundational math, science, and ELA skills in fun ways. Examples of enrichment classes include Forensics Science, Treehouse Architecture, Coding, Creative Writing, and Sewing.

Academic Enhancement Courses are math and ELA classes designed to prepare students for the upcoming year. Enrichment classes are both remedial and advanced based on your child(ren)’s needs. Examples of enrichment classes include the Math Skill Builder, ELA Skill Builder, Advanced Math, and Advanced ELA Summer Learning.

Course Outcomes:

  • Development of tools students will need for success in high school
  • Networking with students who hold similar ambitions/goals
  • Hands on learning experiences, culminating in the form of applicable life skills
  • Development of social and critical thinking skills—i.e. how to work through problems and develop solutions
  • Exposure to a variety of students from different backgrounds, allowing for appreciation of diversity and learning from different cultures
  • Academic edge to improve upon already developed skills
  • Opportunity to bridge the learning gaps that developed during Covid-19—both socially and academically

Students are asked to wear clothing that is comfortable and bring the following:

  • A bagged lunch for full-day students (vending machines are available for drinks and snacks)
  • Water Bottle (The university has filling stations)
  • Enrichment items needed should students not wish to share:
    • Pencil and eraser
    • Colored Pencils
    • Notebook or loose leaf paper


This is an ideal program for working parents seeking a full-day camp, offering their children an academic edge. The program is scheduled to run Monday to Thursday, 9:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm – 4:00pm, beginning June 26th and ending August 10th, 2023.

Please be advised that before and after care for our Monday to Thursday academic programs (drop off times before 9:00am and pick up times after 4:00pm) is an additional fee and class times may vary, see our registration page for course specific information.