University Supervisors



In your role as a clinical supervisor, you serve as an ambassador for William Paterson University.  You are the critical link in connecting the expectations of the university to the realities of the local school.  You serve as a guide, mentor, and resource person for your teacher candidates and their clinical educators.   You also serve as an evaluator and reporter by observing and conferencing with your teacher candidates during your visitations.  

You will be assigned to students whose area of certification is consistent with your area of expertise, and to assign you to students within a reasonable distance from your home or the university. 

Meet teacher candidates at the university orientation to review expectations.  Emphasize your role as a counselor rather than merely as an evaluator.   Telephone the clinical educator ahead of time in order to introduce yourself or send a letter of introduction.

Clinical Supervisor Handbook and Resources

Discussion Guidelines for Supervisor Meeting with Teacher Candidates

Supervising Clinical Experience (Practicum) Teacher Candidates 

Supervising Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Teacher Candidates 

Travel Reimbursement