• Unemployment Tuition Waiver and Senior Citizen Waiver Deadlines
  • Mandatory Unemployment Tuition Waiver Recipient Eligibility Requirements
  • Required Documentation
  • Eligibility for Continued Participation
  • Eligibility for Financial Aid
  • Fees and Charges
  • Appeals
  • Unemployment Tuition Waiver Form
  • Senior Citizen Waiver

For Unemployment Tuition Waiver questions, please contact Joan Baguidy at: BAGUIDYJ@wpunj.edu »

Email Communication

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Registration Cancellation

General Protocols:

Students registered for courses must meet tuition & fee payment criteria by the dates listed below for registration cancellation or they will be dropped from all registered courses.

To avoid registration cancellation, one or more of the following criteria must be met prior to the relevant registration cancellation date:

Full payment of tuition/fees by cash, check, credit card or ACH bank draft

Enrollment in the William Paterson tuition payment plan

Partial payment that reduces the payable student account balance to the designated threshold or less. (Note—partial payment will save registration but will not prevent assessment of additional fees if account later becomes past due)

Financial aid application in process with the University (only if FA eligibility is confirmed and sufficient enough to lower current balance below designated thresholds)

Payment in the form of scholarships, third party payments or tuition waivers reflected on the student’s account that reduces the payable student account balance to the designated threshold or less

All students, including those not subject to registration cancellation, who have not made satisfactory billing arrangements (i.e., paid in full or enrollment in a payment plan) by the due dates, will be subject to the following:

Their Pioneer cards will be frozen and they will not be able to access the funds on those cards until the bill is resolved.

A late fee of $200 will be charged for balances greater than the designated threshold

A block will be placed on registrations for future semesters until the bill is resolved.

Designated Thresholds:

Student payable balances are subject to registration cancellation based on multiple factors, including a minimum threshold amount, below which cancellation will not occur unless other factors overriding factors exist. The designated thresholds are:

Level Credits Thresholds
UG/FT 12 or more 2,500
UG/PT 11 or more 1,250
GR/FT 9 or more 2,500
GR/PT 8 or less 1,250

Institutional and Donor Scholarships

Scholarships and Grants Covered

The protocols within are effective for the awarding and administration of Institutional and Donor Scholarships and Grants.

Institutional Scholarships and Grants include: Academic Excellence, Educational Enrichment Grant, New Jersey STARS II Supplemental Grant, Phi Theta Kappa Presidential, Transfer Presidential, Talent Trustee, Trustee, University Honors College Scholarships, Room Grants, Student Success Scholarship, Pioneer Plus and Institutional Need Based Grants for New and Transfer Students.

Donor Scholarships include: a multitude of Foundation and Alumni Association awards, Academic Departmental, Henry Taub Scholarship, Waraske Scholarship, and Alumni Association Incentive Grant.

This listing is not exhaustive as established scholarship/grants may be depleted and/or new scholarship/grants are expected to be established.

This document will be updated once per academic year (defined as September 1 to August 31) to reflect these newly created scholarships and grants and conversely remove those scholarships and grants that will have reached the end of intended life. Updates will be reflected by November 1 of each academic year. For full text click here.