Testimonies & Success Stories

"When I took Finance with Dr. Basu, I knew I had made the right decision in coming to William Paterson University to peruse my MBA. I love that all of my professors have practical knowledge of the subjects they teach. Bringing their real world experiences into the classroom is truly invaluable.

With a rich alumni pool and successful, mentor-driven corporations neighboring our campus, coming to William Paterson University to peruse my MBA was an east choice! My classmates and I have networking opportunities that are bar none between our immediate pool of industry connections and nationally acclaimed programs such as the Russ Berrie Institute (RBI) and Business Concept Competition. Not to mention we have one of the top Music Management tracts in the United States, which was especially important to me."

“The MBA with Accounting Concentration at the Cotsakos College of Business helped develop my overall leadership and business skills by providing me the knowledge to understand business process and people. My classroom experience was filled with great insight from my professors, new perspectives from my peers and most of all a renowned appreciation for the dynamics of business. This is an exciting place to be and I feel completely prepared for the challenges that lay ahead as I pursue my CPA."

Yu Zheng-2015 MBA Accounting

"The KPMG mentorship gave me a honest look at the accounting world. I gained vital advice and an insider's perspective into the world of both public and corporate accounting that helped me decide where I want to go with my career. I would highly recommend this program to anyone studying Accounting at all levels.“

Matthew McTiernan – Accounting Concentration ‘15

"My husband and I own and operate a commercial cleaning, maintenance, and construction company. I enrolled in the MBA program at William Paterson University to receive the education, training, and experience necessary to build and expand our business. My experience throughout the MBA program was exceptional and significantly valuable as it has and continues to assist in the lucrative growth of our business. Completing my MBA was knowledge, instruction, and networking I consider to be “priceless” towards the continued development of our company.“

- Kristie Veri

"William Paterson University Cotsakos College of Business has provided me with ample opportunities to further my business education and prepare me for a successful career in university athletics. Through the stimulating and relevant course material in such classes as Economic Analysis and Multinational Business Environments and Operations, being taught by the very intelligent and amiable professors, I feel I am more prepared to begin my professional career. As my career goal is to hold a position in a university’s athletic department, William Paterson University has given me the opportunity, through a graduate assistantship, to gain experience in their own athletic department as I further my education in the MBA program. With my master’s degree and experience I plan to work in a university’s athletic department helping student athletes achieve their goals on and off the field. The MBA program has helped me out tremendously with flexible class schedules and friendly advisors that have guided me to find the best courses to fit my personal needs, recommending classes that would best suit my career path while working around my personal and work schedules. The professors are equally accommodating and friendly as they are easy to contact and always willing to work with any student outside of class so they have the best chance to succeed."

-Robert Leger

"William Paterson University gave me the opportunity to achieve my MBA through a rigorous and uniquely designed program in my concentration of interest: music management. During my time as a full-time student and graduate assistant in the Alumni Relations office, I was also able to complete several internships at Madison Square Garden, Live Nation, and Columbia Records which gave me hands-on experience in the real business world. Looking ahead, I believe that my MBA will continue to help me succeed."