Our Excellent Faculty

The Cotsakos College of Business is composed of outstanding faculty with variety of professional backgrounds and experiences. Each member of our faculty is actively engaged in pedagogical research that he or she relays back into classroom teachings.

What Sets Us Apart?

Global Diversity

The Cotsakos College of Business faculty represent more than 20 countries and five continents worldwide. Their global experience and perspective helps students learn business through a global lens.

Real Time Research

Our faculty engage in a variety of research that they implement in their classroom lectures and case studies. This allows for an enhanced engagement of student thought and feedback.

Vast Professional Backgrounds

The faculty comes from diverse backgrounds in corporate business, engineering, law, accounting, consulting and a plethora of other professional fields.

Faculty Snapshot
Full Time Faculty 66
Adjunct Faculty15
Female Faculty Members24
International Faculty 48

Meet Some of Our Outstanding Faculty

Professor Shan Feng

Professor Feng’s research on the “Effects of Sorting Competitive Prices on Product Evaluations,” has provided much data on advances in consumer research. She uses her research as a valuable tool in her teaching, providing students with background knowledge in marketing strategy and decision-making process. Her course on Consumer Behavior, which is part of the MBA marketing concentration, deals with both the factors of sociological behavior and decision making.

Professor Lisa Ekmekjian

Professor Ekmekjian has an advanced background in law, taxation, and accounting brings a unique blend of three relative yet different areas of specialization. She has published a number of research studies related to tax fraud, international trade, Social Security, and student enrichment. Her contributions have assisted in the advanced preparation of our MBA students seeking their CPA licensure.

Professor Jorge Arevalo

Dr. Arevalo attained his M.S. in Global Affairs from Rutgers University and his Ph.D. in Strategy and Organizational Management from the Rutgers Business School. He joined William Paterson University Cotsakos College of Business as an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Ethics in the Marketing and Management Department in September 2010 bringing his 18+ years of experience in corporate industry to academia. His prior work experience includes working for a major multinational corporation based in Germany, a national utilities corporation based in Pennsylvania, and health care consulting firm based in New Jersey. As associate professor with tenure and 10+ years of teaching experience; his research focuses on the strategic actions firms take as they implement corporate responsibility programs into their business models. In particular, he has investigated the reported outcomes of these strategic choices within European, American, Asian, and African contexts - while considering the institutional, economic, and emerging economy perspectives of such implementations. Moreover, Dr. Arevalo plays an essential role in the development of MBA students who are interested in the fields of Marketing and Management with particular focus on Business Ethics, Leadership in Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Governance, Global Business Education and several new areas of business enterprise. In closing, his extensive engagement in research is a vital contribution our AACSB accreditation, global academic development and student learning outcomes and his engaging teaching techniques have been recognized by MBA students as being of “extreme value and quality relevant to the marketplace”. Some of the wonderful teaching techniques Dr. Arevalo employs in his classroom are timely and relevant topics relating to sustainability and the strategies companies can use to fuse socially and environmentally driven programs. To learn more about Dr. Jorge A. Arevalo’s research you can explore the Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) J. of Management & Organization and the Journal of Business Ethics to name a few.

Professor John Malindretos

Professor Malindretos brings diverse background in the areas of academia, entrepreneurship, and industry. He has made more than 100 presentations in finance, accounting, and management. Additionally, he has published nearly 100 proceedings, book chapters, and refereed journal articles. He co-authored a monograph in International Finance and was instrumental in bringing a scholarly journal to the Cotsakos College of Business, entitled The International Journal of Finance, of which he is the co-editor.

Professor Chen-Ho (Mike) Chao

Dr. Chao teaches Marketing Management and Global Marketing courses for the MBA program. Almost all marketing-major students take his courses and appreciate his interactive and interesting way of course delivery. Dr. Chao’s research interest is in the field of international marketing dealing with topics such as cross-cultural consumer behavior, standardization/adaptation of online marketing, and multinational corporations’ internationalization strategy. Most recently he published an article on Journal of Consumer Psychology (one of the Top 45 Business Journals) about “The Effect of Dialectical Thinking on the Integration of Contradictory Information.” Dr. Chao notices that consumers today often turn to social media and online resources for information before making purchase decisions. However, it is unlikely that product reviews provided by many other consumers on websites will be unanimously positive or negative. In this article, he tries to answer the questions that when considering a product with contradictory reviews, can consumers accept that it is rated to be both the greatest but also the worst product at the same time? And how will they integrate these conflicting reviews and come up with their own opinion of the product? Dr. Chao believes that a well-trained MBA student will not only have an assumption of “it depends” about every business scenario, but also a capability to formulate answers based on “it depends on what.” Dr. Chao is focused on educating our future leaders through the use of innovative thinking and development of team oriented leadership outcomes that translate to the direct needs of the marketplace. His emphasis on strategic learning and global awareness creates a more aware and more responsible leaders in industry.