Internships and Independent Studies


Opportunities for internships are a key component of the MBA program. The MBA curriculum offers maximum flexibility in course selection at the concentration level. Aside from the accounting concentration, students may seek an internship opportunity with the help of the Career Development Center, the MBA director and our internship coordinator. Students in music management must complete a required internship.

Face-to-Face Career Shadowing

MBA students may work with the MBA director to coordinate a connection for a single day career shadowing with a professional in the industry of their degree concentration. Our corporate sponsors are open to working with students and exposing you to intermediate and advanced levels of knowledge in their company. This provides an opportunity to gain knowledge of a company/industry without the time commitment of a full internship.

Virtual Career Connect

The MBA director can also facilitate the opportunity for an MBA student to connect with a professional to ask questions about a specific industry/company via Skype.

Independent Study

Students who have an interest in studying a particular area of business and want to conduct research can request an independent study. The MBA director will work with the student and faculty member to complete the required form. The independent study is considered a class and therefore requires registration for credit.