Decentralized Finance

Introduction to DeFi (decentralized finance) and blockchain technology

DeFi’s rapid growth since late 2019 shows incredible promise towards becoming an integral part of global finance operations. Leveraging blockchain technology to redesign financial instruments, it now represents over $24 billion in digital assets (as of January 2021, source: DeFi Pulse). Offering services to businesses and individuals alike, DeFi provides new investment vehicles and new ways to store value that were never before possible.

This presentation will discuss a few case studies along with a walkthrough tutorial to show attendees how they can use DeFi today. Topics covered will include key concepts such as stable coins (digital assets that hold a fixed value over time), liquidity pools, and yield farms. There is no prerequisite knowledge; attendees are encouraged to ask questions to help guide their understanding of this new and complex field.

Nicholas D’andrea

Nick has been working in the blockchain technology industry for the past five years and currently serves as Lead Blockchain Engineer for ConsenSys Software, Inc. He has spoken publicly at countless engagements in over seven countries, including at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is the author of multiple standards documents for the Ethereum blockchain and the maintainer of the Truffle smart contract development tool, actively used by approximately 40,000 software developers around the world. He is passionate about decentralized finance and how smart contracts bring the promise of a better future.

April 8th @ 6 PM