Gbfi promotes and develops quality, application-oriented research in financial services. Research initiatives are guided by WPU faculty, staff and business practitioners to ensure practical and contemporary research is produced and disseminated.  

  • Global Business Conference - In the economic landscape of the new millennium, corporations have become dispersed and financially powerful. The governance of firms in such an environment possesses unique challenges, which Professor RK Mishra discusses in this interview with Professor Raza Mir of WPU. 
  • Accounting Conference - Gbfi brings together accounting panelists that will address topics in Career paths, job search tips, preparing for interviews, and the importance of getting your CPA.

  • Global Business Conference - Gbfi brings together academic and business practitioners with the goal of disseminating practical research and best practices in financial services. The conference also provided an opportunity for discussion and review with a broad range of disciplines.

  • Decentralized Finance - An upcoming event that discusses blockchain technology and how it is becoming more promising in this day and age.