Mastering Data Visualization

“Mastering Data Visualization with Tableau, R and GGPlot2”

Interactive and Introductory Business Analytics Workshop in Mastering Data Visualization with Tableau, R, R-Studio and GGPlot2


Jim Samuel, Ph.D.


Christopher Kalwa, Manager, Data Visualization at Gain Theory: Chris will demonstrate the use of Tableau and talk about industry trends, including jobs in the domain and skills required.

Myles Garvey, Ph.D.,  Professor at Cotsakos College of Business, WPU: Myles will demonstrate the use of R and GGPlot2 for advanced data visualizations.

Jim Samuel, Ph.D.,  Professor at Cotsakos College of Business, WPU: Jim will provide insights into the psychology of aesthetics based on his research in human perception of data visualization.


Hands-on Data Visualization workshop with industry-leading open source software R, R-Studio & GGPlot2 (R Package): Learn how to quickly transform data into creative graphics using data visualization techniques with R & GGPlot2 and gain job market relevant skills and information.

This workshop will cover one of the critical industry tools for Data Visualization.


20th November 2018 @ 12:30 PM   (75 Minutes)


GBFI Trading Floor
Room 2014, 1600 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ  07470

Speaker Bios

Chris Kalwa is manager of data visualization at Gain Theory, a marketing analytics consultancy based in NYC, where he helps to effectively communicate and deliver data to clients across the CPG industry. He has experience working across multiple platforms including Tableau, Alteryx, and most recently Datorama. As an active member of the NY/NJ Tableau User Group community, he helps to promote data viz best practices. You can find some his personal work on Tableau Public – experimenting with data on cycling, weather, and other topics. Chris is a graduate of WPU’s Cotsakos College of Business (2013) and holds a B.S. in Finance.

Dr. Garvey teaches Analytics and information systems (graduate and undergraduate) courses at the Cotsakos College of Business, WPU. His research covers multiple industry domains including analytics, and logistics / operations management, with a high degree of relevance to applied business.

Jim Samuel, Ph.D. teaches multiple analytics (graduate and undergraduate) courses, including data mining and machine learning at the Cotsakos College of Business, WPU. He advises corporations on analytics, quantitative modeling, information insights and big data, intelligence strategies.
Prof. Samuel’s vision is to make Applied Analytics learning valuable, fun, meaningful, relatively easy and quick.
You can find him on Twitter: 

In this upcoming workshop on data visualization, attendees  will leave the workshop with first hand exposure to Tableau and knowledge to create advanced data visualizations with R, R-Studio & GGPlot2.

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