Data Science Archive

Data Visualization- Workshop which allowed for hands-on experience with industry-leading open source software 'R' & 'R-Studio'. (Oct 2017)

Applied Business Analytics Workshop- Workshop which taught about 'R' and its use among upper management, academicians, and researchers. (Apr 2018)

Blockchain and Financial Services- Session which taught how blockchain technology enables new, trusted systems for accounting and finance. (Oct 2018)

Mastering Data Visualization- Workshop which allowed for more hands-on experience with 'R' & 'R Studio'. (Nov 2018)

Data Science Symposium- Session which taught about big-data and how it impacts business survival and profitability. (Dec 2018)

Machine Learning Hybrid Course- Series of sessions that taught about machine learning and its uses. (May 2019)

Business Analytics Modules- Series of sessions that gave a general overview on Business Analytics. (Summer 2019)