Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer, Second-Degree, and Re-Admit Students

Advanced standing students are an important part of our undergraduate population. By providing you with a favorable evaluation of your college credits, excellent academic advisement, and access to undergraduate courses, we expect that you will be successful in completing your degree requirements in a reasonable period of time.

The admissions office makes a decision upon receipt and review of your application for admission, ALL official transcripts, and supporting materials.

When applying, you must present at least 12 college-level credits with a minimum 2.0 grade point average (some majors, such as nursing may require a higher gpa). If you have completed fewer than 12 college-level credits, you must also submit a high school transcript.

Please make sure you have requested an official transcript from all of the colleges you previously attended. The application form should also show all courses in progress that do not appear on a transcript at the time of submission. To ensure an accurate evaluation, applicants from out-of-state colleges should have appropriate catalogs sent to the admissions office.

If you have earned credits by examination, such as CLEP, AP, or USAFI, please make sure a copy of these credits is included. At this time, you must also select a major. You may select undeclared only if you have less than 60 credits.

Transfer Appeals Process

Students transferring from New Jersey county/community colleges with a completed A.A. or A.S. degree should be aware of the following provisions of State-Wide Transfer Agreement. Students covered by the provisions of this agreement who believe that they have not received an accurate and complete evaluation of their credits with their letter of acceptance from William Paterson University should refer to the New Jersey Statewide Agreement Transfer Appeals Process Procedure page (

Special Requirements for Re-Admit Students

Students who have previously enrolled in undergraduate courses at William Paterson University must file an application as a re-admit student. If courses have been completed at another college or university, regardless of whether taken before or after William Paterson enrollment, an official copy of the transcript(s) must be forwarded to the William Paterson University Office of Admissions. Certain University policies may require additional information resulting in delay of the admissions process. Please submit an application and supporting credentials as early as possible.  Contact Melissa Matera for specific readmission quesitons at or 973.720.2901.

Acceptance Notification
Upon acceptance, you are sent an acceptance package with detailed information about enrolling in the University. Read these materials carefully and return the required admissions deposit and health form. Your credit evaluation will be sent in a separate mailing. For more information, click the following link for Receipt of Evaluation.

Receipt of Evaluation

The evaluation is based on the credits completed (prior to date of acceptance to William Paterson) and the degree and major you selected on your application. The analysis contains a summary of credits applied towards your degree, and remaining requirements necessary to complete your degree. For more on the evaluation process, please follow the link to Evaluation Services.

Articulation Agreements
Use the Articulation Agreements link for more specific help with transfer articulation agreement issues.

Advanced Placement
An entering student who presents an outstanding score on an appropriate College Board achievement test or who demonstrates advanced standing qualifications by other acceptable evidence may, with proper approval, enroll in an advanced course. Click here for particular courses and test equivalencies.


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