Transfer Appeals Process

New Jersey Statewide Transfer Agreement Appeals Process

This process addresses the concern of students holding A.A. or A.S. degrees who feel that they have not received an accurate and complete transfer evaluation under the terms of the New Jersey Statewide Transfer Agreement. Appeals must be filed within thirty (30) days of the students’ receipt of the evaluation. The University will respond to request additional information, if needed, within fifteen (15) business days. Appeals decisions will be communicated to the student’s email address within sixty days of posting, whether, additional material has been provided or not.

All appeals must be submitted electronically (by email) to the Transfer Appeal Coordinator at

The appeal should contain the following information:

Name of student (full name) e-mail address*

WPUNJ Student Number (855 number)

Name of Community/County College Attended

Statement of not more than 250 words of the basis of the appeal

(*Because different students may have the same name, additional identifying features may be used in the address to distinguish between individuals. Be sure to supply your full WPUNJ e-mail address. WPUNJ e-mail is an official means of communication for University business.)