PE/Health Teacher Certification K-12



William Paterson University offers students with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and certification to teach Physical Education, Health Education, and Driver's Education in both elementary and secondary schools.  This nationally accredited program requires completion of coursework and multiple field experiences over four years.  After completion of this degree, students will come away with modern teaching practices, the ability to analyze skillful movement, technology inclusion, and effective management skills.   

For more information please contact: Dr. Michael Hodges, Program Director.  Email: 

Course Offerings and Requirements for Professional Education Course Sequence

(In order to get into PETC 3110 Movement Education)

Students must pass the PRAXIS II Exam (Health & Physical Education) the semester before Senior Teaching Internship.  Students who do not take or fail the PRAXIS II Exam will not be allowed to enroll in Senior Teaching Internship.  It is suggested that students take the PRAXIS early in the semester prior to Senior Teaching Internship.

Students interested in completing a second undergraduate degree physical education/health must complete the following courses: Second Undergraduate Degree in PE/Health Certification K-12                                                    

Major Specific Course Requirements-  Complete Physical Education/Health Endorsement Curriculum 

Kinesiology Core: Credits: 26
BIO 1180 Basic Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 1190 Basic Anatomy & Physiology II 4
KNES 1200 Introduction to Kinesiology 3
KNES 2200 Motion Analysis 3
KNES 2550 Diability & Diversity in Physical Activity  3
KNES 3500 Physiology of Exercise 3
KNES 3530 Psychology of Motor Learning 3
KNES 4500 Psycho-Social Dimensions of Sport 3
Professional Educational Sequence: Credits: 41
PETC 2150 Teaching Fitness Activities in PE 3
PETC 2310 Assessment in PE 3
PETC 2650 Management & Planning in PE 3
PETC 3110 Movement Education** 3
CIRL 3350 Literacy, Technology, and Instruction 3
PETC 3840 Adapted & Inclusive PE 3
PETC 3950 Elementary Methodology in PE 3
PETC 3960 Secondary Methodology in PE 3
PETC 3970 Clinical Experience- Elementary 1
PETC 3980 Clinical Experience- Secondary 1
EDUC 4150 Student Teaching Internship 12
Optional Course Offering
PETC 3300 Methods, Materials, and Evaluation of Driver Ed. 3
Performance Skills: Credits: 12
PETC 1200 Dual Net Games  1
PETC 1210 Team Invasion Games 1
PETC 1220 Individual Games 1
PETC 2230 Team Net & Field Games 1
PETC 2240 Team Invasion Games II 1
PETC 2250 Individual Dance 1
Physical Education Specialities (Select 2)
PETC 3400 Adventure Education 3
PETC 3410 Teaching Strength & Condition in PE 3
PETC 3420 Sport Coaching Methods 3
Health Endorsement: Credits: 15
PBHL 1100 Healthy U 3
PBHL 2150 Drugs and Health 3
PBHL 2210 Nutrition 3
PBHL 2900 Human Sexuality 3
PBHL 4520 Teaching School Health 3
    Total: 97