Assurance of Learning

The main assessment tool in the Cotsakos College of Business is rubrics-based course-embedded assessment. Instructors in a representative cross section of courses use rubrics every semester to determine whether students’ work is “Below Expectations,” “Meeting Expectations,” or “Exceeding Expectations.” After assessing individual student work in such a fashion vis-a-vis the faculty-determined student learning outcomes, the data are analyzed to identify systematic weaknesses in our students’ skills and knowledge. If necessary, the College faculty devise appropriate curricular changes to address such weaknesses.

A variety of surveys is carried out on an annual basis. Specifically, the surveys that are being carried out are exit survey, alumni survey, advising survey, and a survey on facilities/technology.

Other sources of input concerning student learning outcomes are industry experts, outside assessors in the RBI Annual Sales Triathlon, and faculty members. Such input has resulted in curricular changes such as the revision of course contents, changes in prerequisites, and the development of new courses.

An overview of the College's assessment practices can be found here.

For more information, please contact Dr. Avinash Arya, College Assessment Coordinator, at