Account Setup

Here is a short tutorial on how to set up your account!


Begin by entering your William Paterson username and password. Your username is your last name, first initial and a number assigned to your William Paterson Email address. Some emails do not come with a name. Your password is your 855 number unless you have changed it.

 Once you are logged into the machine the “Class Group Selection” window will appear.  Your list will only include classes that you are currently enrolled in.  Select which class you are doing work for.  Your selection will determine which software you have access to and what your dock will look like.


Once you have your class selected, click the OK button.  Your screen will blink a few times and your class profile will be loaded.

class group 2

If you accidentally pick the wrong class you can choose another class you are in by going to the top right of the screen and clicking on Current Setting.  Choose the class profile you would like from the drop down menu.


Once selected the screen will blink a few times again and your new profile will be loaded.

It’s time to log into “Editshare”.


Selecting the Icon above will bring you into the Editshare login. Before you can login, make sure the “Server” bar has the code, “”. Without this, you cannot access Editshare. Next, use the same username and password you used to log onto the computer with.



Once you have logged in, the “Editshare Connect” Window will open up, granting you access to your class’ Editshare drives.


To mount your drive, select the drop down menu next to your class drive you’ll be working in. Select the “AFP” option to mount the drive.


Once selected, your drive will appear on your desktop as seen in the image below.


Adobe Creative Cloud Log-In

To sign into Adobe Creative Cloud, first select the Adobe program that you want to work in, and you will be brought to a window that will ask you for your student email. Only sign in with your student email, and not with any of the other options.

Once giving your student email, the next window will ask you to select an account. Select the “Company or School Account” option.  

Once selecting this account option, you will be taken to a University log-in page. Use your student username and password to log in again.

Once logged in, you will be granted access to the Adobe Program you are accessing.